The Games Just Keep Coming

"This time of year is when all of the new video games start coming out to vie for our precious holiday shopping dollars and this year is no different, although some older companies appear to have some new tricks up their sleeves.

Nintendo held a media event recently in Toronto, allowing select members of the press to get their hands on the upcoming titles. Nintendo has been struggling in the market recently with its Wii U hardware despite having a full year lead on Sony and Nintendo. It has started to make a comeback with the release of Mario Kart 8 recently and the company is hoping that its upcoming Super Smash Bros. instalment on the Wii U will really start to turn things around. There are other interesting exclusives coming out, such as Sonic Boom and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, but it’s likely the new amiibo figures that will keep the company in the black."

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DC7771359d ago

I love it when the kids say "Amiibo!" for some reason.