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"Beginning life as a PS3 and Xbox 360 project, Lords of the Fallen and its proprietary Fledge engine underwent a dramatic transformation during production, pushed forward onto the new wave of consoles. The team at Deck13 has delivered an advanced visual experience with a focus on high-quality volumetric lighting, GPU-accelerated physics and a swathe of Nvidia Gameworks-exclusive features - in fact, the results partially call to mind the impressive Elemental demo used to showcase Unreal Engine 4. There's no doubt the final result is often gorgeous but, unfortunately, these cutting-edge features come at a steep price, severely impacting game performance."

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imt5581271d ago

Game is good, but from technical standpoint, it is a mess.

umair_s511271d ago

The developer needs to patch performance as soon as possible on consoles and pc, sub-par game optimization is not-excusable for $65 products. Its bad enough we had to download 5 gb day-one patch and even then its lacking

TheXgamerLive1271d ago

Graphically speaking the game looks good the same on my Xbox One as my co workers ps4 but on a technical lvl the game is a mess but his ps4 has more noticeable screen tearing and shuddering than my XB1. Both need a stability patch though and more DLC and probably oh IDK more cowbell:)

dantesparda1271d ago

Thats not what DF is saying:

"Looking at the two console versions it's rather difficult to give a solid recommendation here as neither version performs well. Image quality is certainly superior on PS4 and, while performance is quite similar, screen tear is more noticeable. On the other hand, the Xbox One version suffers from more severe judder and its frame-rate dips even lower than the sub-optimal PS4 version. Both versions are playable but neither feels enjoyable as a result of the low frame-rate and inconsistent performance. We'd give the nod to the PS 4 version if pressed, but we can't help feel this is not the way the game should be played."

TheXgamerLive1271d ago

Yea strange BC I'm actually a lot smoother than he ALOT. Maybe he doesn't have the patch DL but yea its much worse and freezes.

TardcoreGamer1271d ago

Current gen consoles' performance with LotF is embarrassingly cinematic.

esemce1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Yeah only 2 frames too many, it's sad really.

TheWatercooler1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Another win for the PS4. Damn the PS4 keeps chalking up those wins. Sales, games, exclusives, quality, visuals, features.

The other console is being left in the dust. Still waiting for digital foundry to give it the nod on at least one game. It simply isn't fair the way it is being dominated.

Elit3Nick1271d ago

you must get thirsty trying that hard

Spenok1271d ago

LOL that was pretty good XD

Kribwalker1271d ago

"Performance analysis of the console versions of Lords of the Fallen reveals an inconsistent showing on both systems. The PC version really is the best way to play this game."

Yep big playstation win there

buyakabuyaka61991271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Keep hiding behind the pc. Lol.

darthseth241271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

This is a ps4 and xbone comparison so you can pc your way out of this!

darthseth241271d ago

This is a ps4 and xbone comparison so you can pc your way out of this!

Infamous2981271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


"On the other hand, the Xbox One version suffers from more severe judder and its frame-rate dips even lower than the sub-optimal PS4 version. Both versions are playable but neither feels enjoyable as a result of the low frame-rate and inconsistent performance. We'd give the nod to the PS 4 version if pressed, but we can't help feel this is not the way the game should be played."

OB1Biker1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Of course PC is more often than not the better that shouldnt even need to be mentioned but regarding consoles I do feel the gameplay graphics looks def better on PS4 but the cut scenes look very similar IMO.
anyway Im loving the game, one more example of how irrelevant reviews are nowadays and how silly people are to give too much credit to useless 'scores'

user56695101271d ago

Judging from infamous post sound like this game is missing that legendary optimizing console fanboys been talking bout. Funny he states this isn't how the game was meant to be played and the only version to do that and looks way better is PC version. Gotta love how people cower in fear when PC is mentioned even when they clearly state it in the article

ainTgoTTime2bleed1271d ago

Yet all of the mayority of the sales will be on the always;)

breakpad1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

one word to PC(crypto-Xbone owners)---> all the Xbone owners-fans start to bring the PC into the fight..people stop hiding this is an PS4-Xbone comparison..if you consider the effects (which some of them are very lame on PC)it is a clear PS4 win

Morpheuzpr1271d ago

Of course the PC version is the best, IF you have the cash for the required hardwere. But if you're paying AT LEAST 3 times what a ps4 or a XO is worth shouldn't it perform 3 times better? I've been a pc gamer for over a decade and I've never understood the pc gamer master race BS.

RIP_Cell1271d ago

^^^ can I spend more money to make the PS4/XB1 versions look like the PC version? no I can't, so how's that not an advantage for PC?

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hello121271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

DF will say anything to please Sony fanboys on its site.

Using debugging kits to test the PS4 version frame rate (MS) and using FPS to test x box 1 games, ridiculous. Most of their videos before this show a worse frame on PS4 and then they say the PS4 has the better performance, ridiculous again. DF lower frame rates on PS4 means worse performance not better. DF knows who its audience is and they pander to it.

[email protected] Show me videos then and i'll see because i never cared about DF back then to be honest. DF is not been truthful this gen the videos they've posted do back up what i am saying. if the PS4 was showing better frames i wouldn't argue, because i would look stupid. Go and take a look at all the videos they've posted, better frame performance on PS4 DF are nuts.

darthseth241271d ago

You were okay when DF was giving 360 the nod though.

Infamous2981271d ago

"DF will say anything to please Sony fanboys on its site."

They gave forza horizon 2 9/10 so .... your statement is wrong, Troll.

buyakabuyaka61991271d ago

When will these conspiracy theories of yours end?

We don't want to keep hearing this BS of yours every time a damn DF article shows up. Back under your bridge now troll.

DigitalRaptor1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Awwwwww, your conspiracy is cute.

Digital Foundry is a sub-division of Eurogamer that rated Forza Horizon 2 better than DriveClub, and has also given better scores to several recent Xbone exclusives than most PS4 exclusives. If you were so right about DF "knowing their audience" the results would indicate just that.

Instead, as usual, you lie and pretend that others know less about what they are talking about that you, who's agenda it is to make PS4 look worse than it is, and Xbone better than it is.

pompous1271d ago

Here you are again in another DF article spouting the same exact copy and paste bs, but with a different game. Does it sting that bad that ps4 is performing better? As it should because it has the better hardware to run these games.

CernaML1271d ago

"because i would look stupid. "

Youve been looking stupid since DF first started making face offs this generation. I do enjoy watching them making you cry each time however.

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UnHoly_One1271d ago

Keep dreaming Watercooler. lol

You can have your sales lead and your extra "P's", but if you think the PS4 has better games and more features you are delusional.

DigitalRaptor1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Games… If you look at the bigger picture and take everything into account, PS4 actually has the better rated games. If you call yourself a gamer, that is, and don't try and downplay independently produced titles. Seriously. Top 20 games for each console. Look it up.

Despite that… opinion dictates that "better" is not factual.

Features…. Xbone obviously has more features, but how many of them are non-gaming? Most of them are. Sony seems focused on bringing the more innovative GAMING features, and their non-gaming features seem to be par for course for a dedicated gaming system.

UnHoly_One1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

So an indie game that I don't want to play at all is more important that Sunset Overdrive?

And I can't count controlling my TV channel and volume with my voice because it's a "non-gaming" feature?

Sounds fair. You're right, my PS4 that has collected dust for a year is much better.


stiggs1271d ago

@ TheWatercooler

Yeah, when the frame rate drops to 25fps on the PS4 it is a MUCH better experience than when the same exact thing occurs on the "other console". /s

mochachino1271d ago

I think it's more a matter of PS4 loss slightly less.

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XanderZane1271d ago

The performance isn't great on either game console. No major differences besides the resolution. I'm happy playing the XB1 version. It is a bit slow in certain areas, but doesn't hurt the gameplay that much. The PC version will be the way to go if you're a PC gamer. Enjoy the game.

Father__Merrin1271d ago

overpriced bluray player chalks up another win. Ha Ha

JackVagina1271d ago

You need trolling lessons


CernaML1271d ago

Yeah, it won a GAME face off. I would take the overpriced blu ray player over the underpowered overpriced DVR box.

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