Some Smash Bros 3DS Players Are Being Banned For 136 Years In A Glitch

"It has come to my attention that a few Super Smash Bros 3DS players are being handed a 136 year ban. It seems as though the glitch can occur when you disconnect and/or target a specific player in team match. Reddit user Seakladoom has put together a FAQ to help players avoid the brutal glitch. Hopefully it gets resolved swiftly."

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Snookies121388d ago

That's not so bad, just wait it out. Lol...

Fatty1388d ago

"Billy, this game has been in the family for 6 generations, waiting for the moment when it can be played once more. You, Billy, are the one who will finally play it."

"Thanks Grandpa, I'll make the family proud!"

"I know you will."

*plays as Palutena*

"Dammit Billy"

KwietStorm1388d ago

It'll give em time to brush up on their meta game.

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