Console Monster Podcast - Episode One

Here is the very first Console Monster Podcast hosted by James Woodcock. Featured in our first edition is an introduction with Anthony Barker who informs us about the features of 360Monster and what we can expect in the future with the new network sites PS3Monster and WiiMonster. The rest of the podcast focuses on a conversational style debate with James Woodcock, Anthony Barker and Barrie Rogers who is the lead editor. This podcast features:

- Gears of War first impressions
- Viva Pinata expectations
- Gears of War 8 players online enough?
- Call of Duty 3 first impressions
- Halo 2 removed from most played top spot by Gears of War
- Rainbow Six Vegas single player and multiplayer demo impressions
- Xbox 360 advertisement blitz in the United Kingdom
- Halo 3 public multiplayer beta and new Halo 2 maps
- New Xbox Live Arcade titles
- Retro gaming headache?
- Sony PlayStation 3 launch impressions and press
- Nintendo Wii launch impressions and press
- Red Steel mediocre review score on Gamespot

Length: 51 Mins
File size: 18 MB

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