Electronic Super Joy: Groove city is coming to Wii U & Xbox One

A trippy 2D platformer Electronic Super Joy is coming to the Wii U and Xbox One. Game already came out on PC/Mac/Linux/iPhone/iPad/Andro id systems.

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Venox20081205d ago

Original game trailer:

game is amazing, I have finished original and DLC .. both worth buying :)

BG115791204d ago

It is weird that this game ain't coming to the PS4...
Seems pretty cool.

Venox20081204d ago

maybe later.. game is really amazing and very challenging at times.. but very fun.. I am happy for them.. their game deserves to be enjoyed by many people..

BG115791204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Yeah, totally agree, the game really looks amazing and hard. It definitely caught my interest.

gangsta_red1202d ago

This looks really cool. Can't wait to try this out on Xbox One!