October's Top Racing Games

Featuring several racing games that were released in the month of October. Ranked according to my opinion with a summary of each game, along with pictures and videos.

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GamingSinceThe80s1205d ago

I know what the flop racing game was "DriveClub".lol

akurtz1205d ago

Without its online connectivity flaws, drive club is a pretty solid racer. You can't doubt that, unless you're peanut butter and jealous.

sugawalls1205d ago

LMAO. Solid racer to what extent? There were driving games before 2006 that had more features and content + playability.

Stop trying to fool yourself. Driveclub is flawed. It was flawed from its annoucement in 2013. Another linear racing game.. wow. How many of them have we had over the years with pretty graphics.

With your logic driveclubs future is bleak alongside most jobs at evo studios. PMSL!!

Spotie1205d ago

^Obviously hasn't played the game.

Ciporta19801205d ago

I completely agree. I only bought it this Friday so have missed most of the problems. Yeah it still has some but from the reviews I read, I can't believe how amazing this game is. I guess some people don't understand that not all of us want every single game to be open world. I'm actually getting a bit bored of games havin no structure. Seems like a lot of the reviewers are mad that there are no american cars in the game. Seems like a strange thing to mark a game down for.

iistuii1205d ago

It's nothing to do with open worlds. It's to do with missing photo mode, missing weather, missing replays, online not working as it should, AI cars that want to smash you off the road instead of overtake you, green flags telling you it's a quick corner when it should be red, 50 cars with no jap or Us versions. I could go on, but it's nothing to do with open world that it gets slaughtered. I actually think time trials is ok as the cars drive nice, but stick any AI cars in the race & it's crap..I am dissapointed in it.

Ciporta19801205d ago

@iistuii it just sounds like you may be bad at the game.

IWasHere1205d ago

Thumbs up! DriveClub is not a solid's a rock-solid racer! Awesome visuals, realistic car sounds, great steering and short load times. Yeah, it lacks a huge car selection and there are online problems but it's still good racing game and worth a buy.

TeamVVV1205d ago

Yeah Driveclub would've been higher in my list for sure if it wasn't for its many issues. It feels great to play the sense of speed and danger is very fun, thanks for the comments.

cruzngta1205d ago

Driveclub looks insane and plays pretty good but the whole year long delay and the failed online component from launch that is STILL affecting many (me included) has made me really doubt Evolution and Sony in general for letting this happen. They had a whole YEAR to make sure this game was flawless for PS4 fans when it FINALLY launched and man did they drop the ball.

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