Xbox One Bundles offering up to five games to Australian consumers

SegmentNext - "There are total of five bundles which are offering up to five games and some of them can be of your choosing."

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Manic20141389d ago

Wow, those bundles are awesome, MS have gotten very competitive.

bleedsoe9mm1389d ago

isn't the xb1 beating the ps4 in australia , or it was very close the last numbers from down under .

Kingthrash3601389d ago

Tbh you have an argument. This is x1s first year....on its 3rd price drop and has been giving away games since before titan fall released.
Though I think its a numbers game right now. X1 has yet to win a month in sales....not even China exclusive launch helped then grab a month. They need good or press and winning the holiday sales would help.
But IMO the wiiu with smash may give that console the win. Ps4 has ALL MOMENTUM THOUGH. it 1st party lineup is minimal but it will have the best 3rd party games as far as definitive versions goes so it has that edge. X1 has the MCC and that plus these bundles will make sales for sure....still tho I predict a close race ps4 barley beating wiiu with x1 in a very close third.
Desperate maybe but I believe all of them are desperate to sell consoles...its just ms predicted that x1 would sell more than it has.

InTheLab1389d ago


"Barely beating the WiiU"

You really beleive Smash will do what Mario Kart couldn't? I don't even think it will be in the ballpark of PS4 numbers.

Funantic11389d ago

Not really desperate. I'd bet that those free games are digital downloads. How much is that costing MS?....not much at all. They save on physical discs. That's how Steam has ridiculously low prices on their games. MS knows what they are doing.

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halfblackcanadian1389d ago

Maybe I'm just old but I remember when a console came with a game from Day 1 and included TWO controllers...
Honestly, the desperate/aggressive things is definitely there (and it's a good thing). PS3 did the same thing early on (not this early though) with MotorStorm and I think Uncharted had a bundle..? Bundles are great (and even Sony has them at the moment, so I'm not sure why some think this is super desperate on Microsoft's side of things)

lelo2play1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Microsoft should bring those bundles to Europe.

529 AUD = 372€ for X1 with FIFA + 4 other games + 12 months Xbox Live.

Just goes to should how Europeans are being robbed. I was interested in the 399€ X1/Sunset bundle... I'll wait for a much better bundle. No rush. Give me 5 games + 12 month live and I'm in.

hello121389d ago

Good deal for the Aussies, enjoy.

quiddd1389d ago

Reeks of desperation.......

For those disagrees................pleas e explain why it is not a move that does not show desperation

testerg351389d ago

So why is it when Sony has a price cut or when they do bundles its "good business"?

FITgamer1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

How many price cuts has Sony done? I've only seen retailer price cuts. Also their bundles are at discounted price not giving the games away for free.

@bleedsoe9mm I didn't realize we were getting hypothetical. I responded to the current situation. Sony isn't doing price cuts and they aren't giving games away for free. Pretty much every game released on the Xbox One has been given away for free at some point.

NegativeCreep4271389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Sony has not initiated a price cut for the PlayStation 4 yet. Whereas to be fair Microsoft has already initiated two, considering the unbundling of Kinect.

Pulled that question out of your a$$???

bleedsoe9mm1389d ago

@FITgamer so if sony responses to the one xb1 price cut ms has done and goes to 350$ , are they desperate as well ? just curious

competition is good for consumers we all should be happy if all 3 of these companies are trying to give away all of their hardware and software too us for next to nothing .

InTheLab1389d ago

For the bundles, they don't give away games. They don't mark down the console and pack in a game. And the price cuts are retail cuts not manufacturers cuts.

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halfblackcanadian1389d ago

Not desperation because sales or the console aren't bad. People forget that Sony doing better isn't Microsoft doing badly. I would argue "strategic price-reduction" as its purpose is to close the gap between the two and stimulate a sales surge. Sony can (possible still will) outsell them in the meantime, but if the gap closes (or doesn't increase at the same pace) then Microsoft did it's job.

alb18991389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

IS not desperation because MS make too much money to be in that situation.
they do it because they can and because they refuse to no give a fight.

NegativeCreep4271389d ago

Not a bad deal. If MS drops the price to $300 and includes this bundle here, I'd consider buying one.

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