WWE 2K15 Dev Q&A Recap: Superstar Editing, Only 25 CAW Slots, Paint Tool Replaced, more

The WWE Games Development team sat down to answer fans questions on Twitter. Here's a recap of what went down

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DasTier1357d ago

Jesus christ, the only good thing about this franchise was the customisation.

They've quartered the number of CAW slots, gutted the customisation options and removed a ton of features included custom music in game.

And people were claiming that 2K was going to save this franchise!

The93Sting1357d ago

very true brother. I miss the good old wwe (here comes the pain, one of my personal best wwe game to date). they removed a sh#t ton of features that'll leave many fans of the franchise (including me) a bit disappointed!

jackwei221357d ago

Still only six wrestlers in the ring? It makes me glad I didn't pre-order this game as the last great wrestling game is Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain and other games before it.

WWF Smackdown Just Bring it on PS2 had 8 people in the ring at once!!!

addictedtochaos1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Only 25 CAW slots? That is pathetic. It should be unlimited as long as you have available HDD space.

snowbi-wan1357d ago

It does suck balls about the whole 25 caw slots for you guys that are big into that! is it just me that is gutted about Ambrose nd rollins ain't in their new attires and the WWEWHC title is the old version with the old logo!!! considering the game and everything else in it has the new logo! I understand that the cut off period for 2K to add things is August and the new title wasn't introduced until back end of august but the shield have been split since June!!!