How Soon is “Too Soon” For a Remake?

ZI writes: "When it comes to remastering old games, there's often a very big argument about whether it's "too soon" to make it, if the game is too new for a remake; we saw all kinds of arguments like this last year, back when The Wind Waker HD was released, and it's become a really big issue with other remakes like the new Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire."

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TheLyonKing1384d ago

Square remaking 10 was a good shout, square not remaking 7 was a bad so that's one company who haven't found the balance.

Depends what's games as well like Activision remaking cod 4 would be stupid but like a remake of burnout paradise would fly with me.

I think adventure, hack n slash and rpgs are more suited for remakes though rather than sports and shooters so in the end it depends on the game and depends on the popularity. I would like to say maybe 7-10 years is perfect.

Date_Um_Sage1383d ago

Don't forget if Square made 7, how much would change due to different agenda's and view points, plus it would mean everything they did until now is a failure which it isn't.

I don't like the fact that WindWaker HD is the thumbnail when it was 10 years old when it got a remake, where as the last of us is just over a year old and it has 2.

Keep milking Sony, keep milking.