How Will Zelda U Take Advantage of the Wii U’s Capabilities?

ZI writes: "The only thing we know for certain in the Zelda world when it comes to the next full game in the series is that it will be coming to the Wii U. Beyond this fact, everything could be questioned, from what we initially saw at E3 this year to the intended release period. It could be delayed (though unlikely), the art style or world could see major changes from what we saw at E3. So how can it take advantage of the Wii U hardware?"

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shaw981232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

How about we wait and find out? :p Anyways, from what we got...

1.Aonuma said they were going to take full advantages of the wii u gamepad

2.It is going to be an "open world" game such as being able to reach mountains at far distances

3.Shigeru said it is not like other open world games

4. Aonuma said to the people on miiverse that said they liked the cutscenes in Hyrule warriors, that they would not be disappointed with zelda wii u's cutscenes meaning Zelda wii u will have a good amount of narrative

5. If we know they took heavy inspiration to the original 8 bit Zelda, we can guess the gameplay is going to be really heavy on explorational puzzling and how to get to your next location

6.The wii u gamepad will probably be used to help this major puzzle exploration by it's map feature it has been popular to have

7.Will most likely have the easy toggle item system windwaker HD had.

8.Is possible it might be gamepad exclusive as Aonuma said they are taking full advantage of the gamepad

Concertoine1231d ago

I agree with all of that except the use of cutscenes. He implies that they are action packed, but i dont really like cutscenes in a zelda game.

Takwin1232d ago

Nintendo is as good as any publisher at maximizing the power of the system they are working on. Their first party games on the Wii U look fabulous.

I still wish they just would have made a box with the power of the Xbox One. Imagine how competitive Nintendo would be with Sony this gen with all of the third party games AND all of the Nintendo games. Surely someone at Ninty sees this? Just make a box on par with the the lower of Sony or Microsoft and they would probably win.

superchiller1232d ago

Unfortunately, Nintendo no longer has the expertise to design good gaming hardware. Just look at all the products they've released in the last decade or so.

It's clear that Nintendo's philosophy is to make the cheapest possible hardware, then throw in a gimmick to try to reel people in. Wii, 3DS, and Wii U all follow this pattern. All are low tech pieces of hardware, missing commonly expected features, and all were based on gimmicks.

Nintendo just isn't focused on building cutting edge hardware anymore; they used to be the market leader, when the NES and SNES reigned supreme, but those days are long gone. Very sad.

Metallox1232d ago

"Unfortunately, Nintendo no longer has the expertise to design good gaming hardware. Just look at all the products they've released in the last decade or so."

Ok, but what does that have to with the new Zelda? Even if Wii U isn't a wonderful thing, no Zelda ever has been developed in such complex hardware.

Kevlar0091232d ago

Nintendo could make any system they wanted to. They choose to build a console focused on new gameplay methods over power. Ever since the GC when they tried to compete with power and lost their plan has been clear. Sometimes you get a Wii, sometimes you get a WiiU when it comes to sales.

Besides, the gamepad is awesome, I get way more play time with my WiiU because of it and I love playing games on it while I have a TV show in the background.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

oh like how Sony and Microsoft threw there gimmick on their system because Wii was outselling them to attach casuals.
PS Move and Kinect.

zero_gamer1231d ago

Remember the GameCube? Few people even bothered touching that with a ten foot pole. Wonder why.

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error131232d ago

This just might make me get a wii u, the previous zelda games made me get the systems they were released on. I'm mainly a PS gamer.

lemoncake1232d ago

Hopefully this game is epic, if I didn't already have a wii u I would buy one just for this game.

Travis37081232d ago

IDK, but I do know I can't wait for it!!!!!!

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