GTA 5 Online – Halloween Special & Double RP & Cash

DomisLive talks about the halloween special in GTA 5 Online. All Deathmatches will reward players with Double RP and Double GTA money all weekend long. The inhabitants of Los Santos will also be out causing misschief in Freemode and gathering treats along the way from Crate Drops including Firework, Launchers, exclusive T-shirts and more.

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Voozi1232d ago

Pretty underwhelming. You figured this would be the perfect time to release some silly costumes and what not.

QuebecSuperstar1232d ago

I would have loved to see them release horror icons costumes like Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Pinhead, etc.

higgins781232d ago

Come on! I mean, talk about 'last gen'. Also, isnt the GTA experience starting to feel a little trite - as of late?

robavila951232d ago

Not at all, on the contrary; it's about to be the new best thing again in about 16 days.

higgins781231d ago

'New' being the key word. I can speak from good experience, I have owned every major GTa, most (if not all) I bought at launch. As you get older and wiser to Rockstar you start to see under the hype and dazzle - it's a lot of style over substance. The latest GTA (V) felt - after the initial sugar rush - the same as GTAIII, albeit with slightly more modern controls and physics... but if you aren't bored of the same mission structure by now.