Alien: Isolation VR Makes Public Debut at PAX Aus

Back in June of this year SEGA revealed that The Creative Assembly had developed a virtual reality (VR) experience within their then-anticipated Alien: Isolation. A playable version was debuted at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), LA, that week and then little was said about the project. The videogame’s launch came-and-went without so much of a whisper, but today Oculus VR has revealed that the VR edition of the videogame has made it’s public debut at PAX Australia.

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smolinsk1206d ago

So you can use the Oculus with PS4?

mixelon1206d ago

Nope, best hope PS4 gamers have is A:I supporting Morpheus when that's released.

ArchangelMike1206d ago

Yeah, but if A:I is being developed for Oculus, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will also come to Morpheus. Both VR platforms need software to show off the hardware, and right now A:I is the most critically acclaimed VR 'ready' piece of software out there. In other words it's currently the best game out there to show of the power of a VR experience, and Sony would be absolutely foolish not to pursue it

smolinsk1206d ago

Which is gonna be the best, Oculus VR or Morpheus, anyone with a little inside knowledge?

Pandamobile1206d ago

Both will probably end up being pretty good, but the PS4 hardware is going to be the limiting factor for Morpheus.

N4GDgAPc1206d ago

Bought the oculus rifts dk2 and shipment will be here Wed. Going to rebuy Alien Isolation for pc and test it out. Have it for the ps4 and platinum it.

SniperControl1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

It is an amazing experience, you will fill your pants the first time you get caught by the xenomorph.

You will have to tweak a config file to get it running, as it does not come with native vr support.

N4GDgAPc1206d ago

Yeah I read about it. Made sure it was oculus rift compatible before I bought it again.

Yaay4me1206d ago

Aahh man i would love to play it on morpheus

ibrake4naps1206d ago

Would love to play on Morpheus! Oculus would be hindered by my computer hardware...

BABY-JEDI1206d ago

Alien Isolation has VR written all over it. I've just completed the game (on medium) & it has been an exceptional experience. Really hope we get a sequel of sorts. If this comes available with Morpheus, it will be a must-buy for me.
; D