Celebrating The Fatal Frame Series

GI writes: How many games truly terrorize you? The Fatal Frame series may have never reached a wide audience, but those who experienced it can't deny that it's one of the most memorable horror franchises. In fact, I would call the Fatal Frame games some of the scariest ever, and I'm not alone. Director Makoto Shibata even admitted that most people were too scared to even finish the first entry. From the haunting figures to the demented stories, these chilling adventures leave you tense.

This Halloween I wanted to celebrate the franchise that reveled in playing mind games and forced me to confront my fears head on. Fatal Frame had three main entries that hit on the PlayStation 2 and a spin-off that made its way to North America. Unfortunately, the North American market never saw the fourth installment for Wii, and a Western release of the fifth entry on Wii U it doesn't look promising either.

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ritsuka6661390d ago

I'm still disappointed that nintendo hasn't said anything about release in the west of Fatal Frame WII U.

tinkypop1389d ago

think if the film comes west side.
the game will follow suit.
If not i keep asking on miiverse.
Nintendo tend listen to miiverse more.

Spenok1389d ago

Yeah it is saddening. Considering the WiiU has sold more in the states. And if I'm not mistaken, horror games tend to sell better over here, though I can't say that for certain.

Feriku1389d ago

Yeah, I was hoping for a Halloween localization announcement.... #WeWantFatalFrame

Venox20081389d ago

I loved 2nd and IVth.. still yet to play 3rd one and remake on Wii.. and I will one day definitely :)

Fierce Musashi1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Just got I, II & III over PSN last night after much recent research into the franchise. Nintendo needs to release a collection ( which includes the forth game, of course ) for the Wii U.

And please, don't ignore us here in america.....

Shinox1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Celebrating what ? the franchise has been officially dead since Nintendo stick their big a$$ on the IP for no reason , everyone deserve this potential IP not just Nintendo owners

higgins781389d ago

Seriously!? Sort of ironic in a way since Microsoft killed Rare doing something similar - back in the day. Also, you wanna talk backing an IP which without Nintendo would be left on the scrap heap...Bayonetta. Don't for a second assume that IP's such as Fatal Frame and Bayonetta would have been picked up by either Microsoft or Sony, because that's dead wrong.

Shinox1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Fatal Frame would have been exist OUTSIDE Japan AND on other consoles even without Nintendo "precious money" , DON'T YOU EVER EVER bring that Bayonetta argument to Fatal Frame because its has nothing to do with it . The decision was made since the FF4 exclusivity and since Nintendo make an exclusive deal with Tecmo to see if the Wii mote ( and 3DS ) works on the game , Nintendo from the very beginning was interested on the IP since the 3rd game was exclusive to Sony ( Nintendo jealousy at its best ) , Sony at these times were ridiculously busy with the PS3 marketing and they been losing a lot of money at that moment so there's no way for them to secure "exclusivity" from Tecmo by any chance , Nintendo jump on the IP and make sure its exclusive and that's it , no backing no funding nothing whatsoever , just a basic deal between 2 companies like any other company ( Nintendo was the one who has the publishing right ) , Tecmo isn't broke to bring a new FF game to other consoles and bring it outside Japan , Nintendo Co-own the IP and ruin everything for gamers and Tecmo themselves , Tecmo has no right to do anything without Nintendo orders even when it comes to publishing THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING , Nintendo acts like a bully in this situation and it doesn't matter to them if the IP means a lot to gamers outside Japan , so don't bring that Bayonetta argument ever again since its a completely different situation and nobody wins from blindly defending that .

mixelon1389d ago

You could just buy a WiiU if it comes out in the west?

It does some unique stuff with the gamepad, much like ZombiU, so it's redeemed in my eyes. They'd have had to do a whole level of extra graphics polish and engine dev
If it was on the other platforms too, it makes sense they'd prefer to develop on the more meagre spec.. Much like how many japanese devs have been sticking to handhelds.

mixelon1389d ago

Fatal Frame and Siren series I think are the two most egreriously unsung japanese horror series.

A PS4 Siren would make me incredibly happy.

So would a western release of WiiU Fatal Frame.