Nintendo Is Strongly Considering Region-Unlocking Its Hardware

"Company CEO Satoru Iwata says region-locking has existed due to certain issues on the sellers' side."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Let's hope they go from "Strongly considering" to "removal update in mid-2015".
That way there'd be a larger variety of games out there, for the faction that want something like Fatal Frame 4 and can actually understand enough Japanese to enjoy it...

bjmartynhak1056d ago

And for the faction that travels and moves a lot. There are some quite nomad professions out there. I'm in one of them.

UltimateMaster1055d ago

On the billionth article, just another rumor.
Wishing for no region-lock on Nintendo is like wishing a FFVII remake. Ain't gonna happen.

pcz1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

they are only considering doing it with the wiiu because unlocking it would make no difference. nobody is using it. its like unlocking the NES/FAMICOM.

Dunban671055d ago

What can you point to in this article that suggest they are "strongly considering" region unlocking?

If anything the implication is it is not a priority now- otherwise they would be considering now, not "in the future" which is an eternity

jcnba281056d ago

Good news, hopefully they remove it eventually.

Spenok1056d ago

This would be wonderful. Hopefully they do this.

Hoffmann1056d ago

That relict of the past should have been away a decade ago already on all Nintendo platforms.

Baka-akaB1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Its existence shouldnt even be considered . As long as there is a lock , i wont bother purchasing a 3ds

blackstrr4111056d ago

Wow. So I finally get to buy stuff in dollars. Pounds is too expensive

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The story is too old to be commented.