#GamerGate: TFYC Was Doxxed By A Games Writer, Not Zoe Quinn

One Angry Gamer "Zoe Quinn and Silverstring Media PR rep Maya Kramer were originally accused of being responsible for doxxing The Fine Young Capitalists’ supervisor, Matthew Rappard. Quinn mentioned in an e-mail to The Fine Young Capitalists that she was not responsible for the reprehensible act, and in a way, that is true."

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Deadpool6161233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

I never thought I would say this, but I miss arguing about video games. Nothing else, just video games. When you get to the point where you miss arguing about DmC vs DMC or Console vs PC you know something seriously wrong is happening.

Anyone else getting tired of these Psychopaths frolicking about the gaming industry, poisoning it for their own benefit?

Rimgal1233d ago

This wouldn't be so bad if we didn't had 100 articles about gamergate approved per day.

Where we see the same people saying the same stuff they already said 1000 times before. They just copy and past the same thing and post in every article.

HighResHero1232d ago

I understand your frustration but as long as their as problem people need to be reminded (See "short attention span").

Dee_911232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

@ Deadpool616 totally agree but this was bound to happen sooner or later. Gamers have been making their displeasure for gaming journalism for the longest and it was inevitable that people would start doing some digging.The whole disgruntled ex exposing his GF just kick started the whole thing ... Or we all just really, really hate her, if you want to believe what she believe #gamergate to be.Or that gamers hate change in video games (despite the fact change in video games is something gamers argue about quite often) and hate women if you believe anita's definition of gamergate

You are free to ignore these articles. No one forces you to care... Fortunately for the sake of the thousands of people that actually care about what they read and gaming journalism, lots of people care.

Rather she personally did or didn't is irrelevant in the grand scheme.The person who did it, did it because he or she believed what zoe was feeding them, that TFYC are homophobes or what ever.That plus the fact she retweeted the information, she should be just as guilty as the person who did the doxxing... hell it doesn't even matter if the person this article claim actually did it or if he or she got it from someone else.What matter is their reasoning for doing it.

Rimgal1232d ago

Yeah you guys are activists and true heroes. Someday gamers all over the world will tell tales and sing songs about you guys, and how you guys change the world. LMAO

Gamergaters and feminazis that way ------------------» To the land of no one gives a crap
Gamers this way «--------------------- Where we talk about games and we don't have to listen to this drama queens.

Deadpool6161233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

It's pretty much journalist/indie devs throwing a temper tantrum. They don't want to grow up, they want to stay Toys R Us kids. Now that Gamers are getting tired of their stinky diapers, the struggle is real and poop starts a flying.

Gamers formed Gamergate and opened up the door where the journalist and game industry mingled, only to find...

-Foxtrot1233d ago

Did anyone really blame her directly? I'm pretty sure she had something to do with it but she didn't do it herself, I mean lets face it I bet she wouldn't know how to.

Deadpool6161233d ago

If Depression Quest is any indication of her programming skills, she didn't have the talent to do so. I gathered there was someone else behind the scenes causing the doxxing while she was spewing the high octane vitriol at TFYC. Although finding out it was a journalist/blogger that did it doesn't make the situation much different. It just keeps proving #Gamergate right. There's $#iT everywhere and the journalist need to start cleaning it up. Take responsibility and start being professional. They need to put on the gloves and get to scrubbing, because Gamers are doing it for them.

Blacktric1232d ago

The initial screencaps that directly tied to her to the doxxing was just her saying something in the lines of "we managed to get a transphobic charity doxxed" and laughing about it with Maya Kramer.

anwe1232d ago

What a bunch of drama queen crybaby horseshit. I cant wait until their 15 minutes are up so we can get back to gaming articles about you know... games.

ShinoBro1232d ago

Good read, it's alarming how much personal information can be dug up once you've left a digital footprint.

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