Review: 'The Evil Within' scares, but is without direction | News10

It's Halloween time, and for video gamers that means it's time to bring on the scary. Publisher Bethesda brings theirs in the Tango Gameworks developed The Evil Within.

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calvincrack1302d ago

Reviewed as a movie , it's a 2/4. As a action horror game it's a 9/10

SoulMikeY1301d ago

Maybe if it didn't have outdated clunky controls... It was a 6 at best. From someone who worked on RE, I expected much better. It felt like a story-less, stretched out, independent game.

calvincrack1301d ago

As someone who played every RE since 4, it was a breath of fresh (but familir) air. But RE production values are great, EW would have benefitted from more polish on story.