Microsoft Gifting Some Xbox One Owners a Free Token for Ryse: Son of Rome

GC - "Many Xbox One owners have reported that they received a message from Microsoft for their purchase of the Sunset Overdrive bundle and they have received a free token of Ryse: Son of Rome."

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ShadowNextGen1206d ago

Really great move by Microsoft and it is about the company since Microsoft (the company) is giving this game away for free to some users. :)

Ps4andxb11206d ago

Great move.

Ryse has lovely graphics, good story and yes good gameplay.

It is repetitive hack n slash, but i personally enjoyed all of it.

1206d ago
Neixus1206d ago

Good gameplay shouldn't be repetetive

Ps4andxb11205d ago


But it is in 100% of all video games.

It's more a question of degrees.

headblackman1205d ago

but that's what all hack and slash/button mashers are! (repetitive). ryse is repetitive just like infamous is repetitive, so are both of these games not good games, because they do what they were designed to do???

VegasDawg1205d ago

What games do you play that are not repetitive? I've been gaming for 30 years and I can't think of one.

Trekster_Gamer1205d ago

I loved evrything about it. Here we are a year later and nothing has beat it yet in graphics department, well the PC version of course looks better.

This game got a bad rap. Repetitive they say?

No more than the god of war series. Heck your standard fps shooter is rinse and repeat as well.

MRMagoo1231205d ago

God of war had different weapons that did different things that effected how you fought, Ryse has a sword and a shield and some boring finishers that take far too long to watch after a good 4 or 5, it is nothing like God of war at all. The graphics where beaten the day killzone released on PS4 and again when infamous released so thats BS as well.

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UnHoly_One1205d ago

Yeah I loved Ryse.

Spent a TON of time in the multiplayer. It's really a blast.

spicelicka1205d ago

I agree 100%, It's underrated and I was totally influenced by the negative reception until I actually played it.

Word of advice to anyone wanting to play it, don't stop after playing a couple of missions, continue on easy mode if you have to, it gets a lot more interesting.

StrawberryDiesel4201205d ago

Next time watch more gameplay videos and you won't potentially miss out on a well made game.

Kribwalker1205d ago

I enjoyed it too. Traded it in after I beat it, waitin for games with gold version so I can play it again

Syntax-Error1205d ago

Everyone in gamestop told me it was a short game, but said graphically it was insane. They said completely gorgeous throughout. They said the Legendary Edition is supposed to be longer.

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Joydivision391206d ago

Nice of Microsoft to give a free game, but they are not doing it for the gamers (consumers). They are only doing it cause they are losing profit and need to somehow bring back the gamers that abandoned Microsoft.

Ps4andxb11206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

That's the same as any private sector company.

In a free market, in order to profit, you need to give your customers what they want, or they won't buy from you.

It's a vice versa relationship too.

I wont buy from a company because they are a company i might happen to like, i will buy from them because they sell me what i want.

Would you buy a bad product simply because you love a company?


Corporations aren't your family or your parents.

People sometimes forget this.

Joydivision391206d ago

Exactly what I'm trying to say, Microsoft messed up back at E3 where idiot mcgee said " There is another console for people who don't have internet, it's called the Xbox 360" that was a major slap to consumers faces. Microsoft is learning that they messed up big time and are trying to win consumers back. But things like that leave a nasty taste in the mouth.

Utalkin2me1206d ago


"Would you buy a bad product simply because you love a company?"

I watched quite a few friends buy multiple 360's due to failure. And i know for a fact they wasn't the only ones. So yes alot of people would buy a bad product due to the love of a company.

lelo2play1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

"Nice of Microsoft to give a free game, but they are not doing it for the gamers (consumers). They are only doing it cause they are losing profit and need to somehow bring back the gamers that abandoned Microsoft."

This is a pretty dumb comment.
Tell you a little secret. EVERY company are in the gaming business to make a profit. All that crap about company A, B or C caring about gamers is pure BS marketing... only ignorant people think otherwise.

Joydivision391206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

LOL again before you jump assuming, make sure you READ carefully. I wasn't doing any bashing, I wasn't doing any crap talking. What I'm saying if your little brain can comprehend is MICROSOFT is fixing their wrong. Still not a believer till they change completely. Geeezzz dude you need some school in your life. Companies give away games or free stuff when they know they messed up and need a quick pick me up in sales. Come on man, learn about business.

Utalkin2me1206d ago

But some companies care more about people then other ones do. Just like voting for a president. Vote for the one that's gonna screw you less.

1206d ago
n4rc1206d ago

Joy... Yes, you are.

You made your comment..might as well stick with it

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goldwyncq1206d ago

All corporations are in it for the profit. What's your point?

DeadManMMX1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Yep and Playstation Plus was started not out of desperation due to lower software sales but goodwill to the fans. Geez.

Notramagama1206d ago

EXACTLY LOL. The idea started after Sony got it's huge hack to appease owners

Foehammer1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

"losing profit"???

How is $23,000,000,000 in Revenue, that led to a net income of over $4.5 BILLION a loss?

How is a 102% increase in Xbox sales a loss?

Are you talking about Sonys $1.25 Billion loss for the 7th straight year?

blackout1205d ago

This is what i love. FACTS, FACTS, FACTS.

Pogmathoin1205d ago

Just like the freebies you got after the major PSN outage? Yes, because Sony did it for the consumers.... Did it leave a nasty taste in your mouth?

VegasDawg1205d ago

That was a dumb post in so many ways. They are giving the game to X1 owners. Take of the fanBOY glasses put down the kool aid. Your rotting your brain.

UnHoly_One1205d ago

Way to turn a positive into a negative.

Every silver lining has a cloud, amiright?

PimpDaddy1205d ago

Quick question. Do you think Sony or Nintendo do things out of love for gamers? I'll let you think about that...

WilDRangeRfc1205d ago

Google MS profits vs Sonys profits for 2nd quarter and then re-post,it makes me laugh when you Sony mob talk about MS profits #bankruptcyawaits;)

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Fro_xoxo1206d ago

I'm jealous.. lucky folks ^_^

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