10 Games That Make 2014 an Awesome Year

GamingStairs: We collect 10 awesome games from year 2014. Watch the list and tell us which one is your favorite.

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R00bot1359d ago

Having Watch Dogs above games like Shadow of Mordor and Mario Kart 8 is ludicrous.
Also, where's Smash Bros.? Where's Sunset Overdrive? Come on man, both those titles deserve to be higher than The Last of Us (in HD), Watch_Dogs (the disappointment of the year) and Destiny (the second biggest disappointment of the year).

crusf1359d ago

Also where the heck is Bayonetta 2,or Donkey Kong country returns Tropical Freeze.

Austin481359d ago

Lol true us sword art online fans i cant wait untill lost song i also love to tv series!!!

bennissimo1359d ago

lol I played the hell out of Watch Dogs. Not so much re: Destiny.

Rimeskeem1359d ago

Nothing deserves to be higher than The Last of Us

crusf1359d ago

Careful,your fanboy is showing.

WeAreLegion1359d ago

Guess what?!? People are allowed to love The Last of Us. Or any game, for that matter.

Yokan1359d ago

You speak truth my friend the best game I played on the 7th Generation of Consoles.

Rimeskeem1359d ago

I actually like Uncharted 2 more but when you put it in perspective, The Last of Us is basically the perfect game.

SoapShoes1359d ago

@ crusf - It is the highest rated game of the year. Does that mean everyone's a fanboy?

R00bot1359d ago

Yeah mate, I agree that The Last of Us was an amazing game last year. I just think that as a remake that adds very little other than resolution and framerate changes it should not be above games that stand on their own.
Otherwise companies would just keep releasing the same games over and over to get good reviews.

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Spenok1359d ago

Opinions man. Yours and his obviously differ. Though I would agree with a lot of what you said.

SnotyTheRocket1359d ago

We'll, the Last of Us is the best game to release this year (so far), and it's a damn re-release.

Zizi1359d ago

Watch Dogs is better in terms of enjoyability and fun. Shadow of Mordor is great, but I've found that the game mechanics is not as smooth as Watch Dogs or even Assassin's Creed series.

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GamingCurse1359d ago

Watch Dogs is my most favorite game from the year 2014 but you missed sunset overdrive as well

Stupid1359d ago

Really, Watch Dogs deserve the first place, it will be a memorable title ever

Yokan1359d ago

It was a great game but its just that it lacked any of those promised ideas that we were shown in previous E3s. I hate to say this but Watch Dogs is simply the guinea pig of what the "real" product will be, Watch_Dogs 2.

Daredavil1359d ago

Watch Dogs is biggest disappointment of the year 2014 i am shocked to see this on number 2

Physco1359d ago

The Game on Number 1 The Last of Us Remastered has a great story i have ever seen.

NotAfanBoyy1359d ago

I refuse to give my 5 clicks for his "opinion" lol

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The story is too old to be commented.