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Sunset Overdrive is as open world apocalypse adventure with a bucket of colour. The result is pure, delicious sugar laden candy!

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Stupid1382d ago

Awesome game with awesome visuals...

Foehammer1381d ago

And getting the recognition it deserves.

Hats off to Insomniac.

FrolicKingFlack1381d ago

What happens when they review a bad game? Just kidding but this is the first Xbox One game to make me slightly jealous owning the PS4 only. Looks great fun!

Perjoss1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Really enjoyed my first couple of hours with Sunset Overdrive, it was really easy to get into, controls are spot on, and the visuals are great. Because its an arcade action type game I was expecting a medium to small but dense map, but I'm really surprised at how big and populated the game world is, no idea if there is another map after completing this one but if there isn't then no problem as this one is huge and actually takes some time to get across.

Its got a heavy Jet Set/Grind Radio feel to it but with fun shooter mechanics too. Character creation was also surprisingly diverse, only 4 body types but lots of faces, hairstyles, clothing and accessories to choose from. Soundtrack is really nice too but might not appeal to everyone as it reminded me very much of the first Tony Hawk game with mostly grunge rock.

akaFullMetal1381d ago

Seems to be a very solid game, congrats Insomniac.

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