Who Made the List of Best PS4 Games So Far?

UM writes: PlayStation 4 has been out for a year now, which has been enough time for the big-selling system to amass a collection of must-have games. Though the best PS4 games aren’t all exclusive to the system, you can argue that for the multiplatform ones, the PS4 is the “best” console to play them on with a great UI and slightly more power than it’s main rival, the Xbox One. But that’s the debate of the decade, it seems.

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George Sears1355d ago

Got to go with Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor as one of my favorite games so far. Really didn't expect this game to be so good. Combat is smooth, easy to master and although the main character becomes pretty overpowered mid through the game, it is still very enjoyable. The story isn't going to win awards but the Nemesis system is the games greatest asset.

As for exclusive, I got to go with First Light DLC for Second Son. Fetch was way more like able than Delsin, her powers more refined and way more fluid. After playing with Fetch and seeing how powerful she is, reverting back to Delsin seemed awkward and slow. Her back story was told very well and made me care about her and her problems more so than Delsin. And for being an extra side story, it was decently long for what it is.

Reibooi1354d ago

I agree about Infamous. I liked and play the hell out of Second Son itself but I honestly had a ton more fun with First Light. The battle arenas were pretty fun as well as you didn't really come up against the level of chaos that could build to in the main story of either game.

Shadow of Mordor is one of those games I am surprised that everyone else is surprised that it's good. The first time they showed a decent amount of footage from it I thought almost right away that the game was gonna be awesome. It seems like most are shocked because it was somewhat under the radar and then out of nowhere people saw it getting tons of praise.

I would also like to throw Resogun into the mix. I know it's a small downloadable game but it is just so damn fun and my god is it pretty when everything goes boom.

turdburgler10801354d ago

So George is their a metal gear arsenal hidden under a sears somewhere?

Spenok1354d ago

Well said on both accounts. Shadow of Mordor is a fantastic game, and one of the best for the year so far. And First Light was defintely better than SS, and I really liked SS.

Physco1355d ago

what is this who made the List of Best PS4 Games So Far? is this a title?

Fro_xoxo1354d ago

You were able to make a list?

Ah I see, there are multi-platform games included.

all decent-good titles nonetheless.

Zizi1354d ago

Here comes my list:

1. The Last of Us: Remastered
2. inFamous: Second Son
3. Watch Dogs
4. inFamous: First Light
5. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

oODEADPOOLOo1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

If planetside 2 ever comes out this year, it'll probably be my top game this year. But since they seem to be pushing any news about it until playstation experience event in December I doubt full version is ready, at least there should be playable beta. I just didn't think re-doing a U.I on a finished game would take a year...

oODEADPOOLOo1354d ago

But I think my list would be like this...

1)Sahdow of mordor
2) Farcry 4
3)GTA 5
4)Planetside 2
5) Alien Isolation

captainexplosion1354d ago

They announced yesterday that Planetside 2 will not be out this year. They said the beta will take place in a few months. Very annoying it has been delayed so much.

combatcash1354d ago

Nba 2k14, shadow of mordor, bf4 was pretty decent

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