An Ode to GTA 5 Cheats, Which Have Gone All But Extinct Elsewhere

UM writes: Ten years ago or so, if you wanted to make a new video game website, there were a few keywords you wanted to put in your main logline. GamePlace! The place for game walkthroughts, cheats and codes! While walkthroughs still exist, though largely in the form of YouTube videos, cheats and codes have gone the way of the dodo. For the most part that is. I’m pretty sure one of the primary reasons I ever used the internet in the first place back in the late ’90s was too look up cheats and codes (using AskJeeves, of course), as it was preferable to waiting for your next issue of Nintendo Power or Gamepro. But now? It’s very rare to see a game with actual codes, and the most prominent one that comes to mind is GTA 5. Don’t believe me? Check out the master list of GTA 5 cheats here. The list lets you spawn a huge number of vehicles and weapons, lets you do fun things like go into “drunk mode,” and then has your classic “ultra-cheats” like max health, armor and ammo. So where have all the cheats gone?

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