Gorgeous Korean idol Ahyeon promotes Vaan Online 2

Korean idol Ahyeon has been chosen as the spokesmodel for Vaan Online 2. A batch of sexy promotional images were released to promote the game.

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Hoffmann1358d ago

I clicked to see the girl

moodymofo1358d ago

lol me to .i actally snapshot one of the images with my vita and used it as a bacmground

Paprika1358d ago

Can always count on pozzle for some eye candy when browsing game news lol.

Jag-T10001358d ago

Why didn't anybody give her a napkin to clean her forehead? It's all greasy it glows! I know it's makeup, but come on people.

thejigisup1358d ago

I read atheon and I wanted to push her off edge. That b keeps messing with the timestream.

Cryptcuzz1357d ago

That was funny man. They patched it up, but I believe there is another say to push him off through the middle. Search it up.