Iwata Addresses Why the New 3DS isn’t Lauching in North America/Europe This Year

8BitChimp says, "During Nintendo’s Financial Briefing for Q2, Satoru Iwata stated that the portable refresh has been the best-selling debut for a portable refresh Nintendo’s ever had. Yes, even more so than the DS Lite, and that prompted sell-outs back in its day. Well, that’s all well and good. But what about North America and Europe?

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Snookies121356d ago

By the time it launches here, they'll already be revealing the New 3DS LLXL editions, lol.

Jason_Plays_PC1356d ago

Well at least i didnt take the plunge 2 months ago on a 3dsXL just as i was gonna buy it the new one was announced and also the portable version of xenoblade will be the first game ill buy on it.

Spenok1355d ago

I made the plunge last year when they made the Zelda XL. Now I'm kind of sad I didn't wait. It's been worth it in the end though. I wonder when it's going to hit the states.

-Foxtrot1356d ago

I think by the time they release over here you'll only have to wait a year and a half before they announce the next gen handheld.

Why this exists is beyond me. The games that release just for the new 3DS will end up being playable on their next gen handheld they are usually pretty good with backwards capability. So people may aswell save their money.

Fro_xoxo1355d ago

'because each region must be milked for all their worth, one at a time.

jokes aside..

MegaRay1355d ago

That true actually lol

1355d ago
Kevlar0091355d ago

Nintendo wantsto prioritize the region with the biggest install ratio, if it didn't sell well there then it probably wouldn't sell well in NA/EU. Basically testing the market and with the sales in Japan they can correlate sales in NA, to coordinate production, potential sales and inventory. Why it's in Australia and New Zealand, maybe because they are small western markets that can further gauge western interest as in a small sample size.

It's a rather smart move. By the time it's ready for NA and EU Nintendo will have more to show off on the N3DS in terms of software. People aren't exactly rushing to get DS' like they used to, so Nintendo was to be as safe and smart as can be.

kalkano1355d ago

"Australia and New Zeland are the only western territories getting the New 3DS in 2014."

Australia and New Zealand are...western...?