Forza Horizon 2 price gets dropped on Xbox One in sale

The Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 2 has been discounted to $47.99 in a new sale.

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cl19831356d ago

This isn't a price drop just Amazon putting the game on sale.

crusf1356d ago

"Forza Horizon 2 price gets dropped on Xbox One In sale"
>In sale

cl19831356d ago

A drop even temporary would be everywhere not just a single site. This is a site sale.

Afterlife1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Games go on sale all the time. Especially games and consoles that underperform. This isn't news to them.

bleedsoe9mm1356d ago

if you own a xb1 and haven't picked this game up yet , its a insanely awesome game .

poor_cus_of_games1356d ago

I've got the game and I am enjoying it. Also surprised at the lack of sales.

zodiac9091356d ago

WoW thats a pretty sweet deal that there is a sale for Forza so soon after it's release! They are trying desperately to catch up with Sony! But that also means slick deals!

Ra30301356d ago

"They are trying desperately to catch up with Sony!"
True but thats not what this sale is about......Their just trying to sale this game as not many X1 owners got it on release. The Forza brand is in decline and looking at sales of their last 3 releases it shows none of them have preformed well. They need a reboot with better different ideas IMO.
I loved Forza 2 and even Forza 3 but in truth they have become wash, rinse and repeat even more so than the likes of Call of Duty. I see Forza 2 Horizon as a game Microsoft pushed out the door in a race to claim another Exclusive it's almost like a high grade shovelware game where it's a good game but it's no more than DLC to Forza 5 IMO.

Charybdis1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Forza Brand is not doing that bad competing racing games compare themselves to forza and might even consider forza the racing game to beat with quotes such as forza killer. forza 2 horizon isn't simply a map pack addition, I would advise playing the demo if not sure about purchasing it for this or other reasons.

shadyiswin1356d ago

then you havent played fh 2 yet. You would know nothing feels rushed about that game,with hours and hours of gameplay offline,infinte amount online. Not to mention the game fully works,weather and a reply mode go figure. FH 2 was rushed but plays amazingly well,meanwhile other games are delayed a fully year and are totally broken. FH 2 is nothing like forza 5.....i enjoyed forza 5 it was a nice showcase of what the xbox one can do,fh 2 is a show case of what a strong firsty party can do as far as put out pure quality before the console officially turns 2

Foehammer1356d ago


The level of stupidity in this comment is hilarious.

Ra3030 says they are "desperate", they being Amazon, as that's who is having the sale, lol

Forza accounted for over 15,000,000 sales on 360 last gen, one of the most successful and highest rated franchises.

If any game is to accused of being "pushed out the door" it's DisasterClub, even after a year delay DC is pummelled by FH2 scores and Forza 5 for that matter (a launch game)

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