Images: Comparing Wii U and 3DS hardware sales to recent Nintendo systems

With Nintendo having released its latest financial results earlier today, one fan has created a couple of charts comparing Wii U and 3DS sales to some of the company’s more recent systems.

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Concertoine1301d ago

Nintendo is at its least popular in gaming history.
That's not good.

Metallox1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

It's been like that for a while now, even in the Wii days.

If Iwata wants to keep like this, staying away from the hard competition (PS4 and Xbox One), then Nintendo in general will need to cath kids attention again, just like in the NES period; they need to launch new IPs that attract the modern childhood, a new Mario and a new Pokémon. Some risks need to be made unfortunately; their IPs are losing too much appealing and eventually they won't be enough to even sustain Nintendo.

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weekev151301d ago

To be fair there has been an upshift in the reputation of WiiU of late. A lot of people I am speaking to are now considering getting one but wouldnt even have considered it this time last year.

Dunban671301d ago

Wii u sales say otherwise- it is still selling at a historical,low rate below GameCube

seraphym881301d ago

Im not sure i would say least popular, selling the worst sure. Either way im not too upset, show a micro or sony graph, youll see dips and climbs from console to console. A lot of people are quick to say 'X company is selling bad so they are in big trouble' this case i believe the Wii U is in the best position of its lifetime right now, and the 3ds is doing fine. To say the 3ds is selling bad is just not true. Furthermore id like to see software charts...the ds had more/better games than gba factually. I would argue that the 3ds has improved game quality again. Also the Wii U already has as good of attachment rate as original Wii.

Lets not forget a huge amount of Nin profits come from games, and buisness is good on that side. who knows, maybe Nin is doing bad...but with so many great games released recently, and so many more to come, im not worried.

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Spikeantestor1301d ago

Hmmmm, It's a depressing thing to think of but I guess I probably knew this honestly.