8 Worst (But Likely) Outcomes Of The #GamerGate Scandal

WC: At the heart of the whole thing is supposed to be a discussion around why – in theory – bigger game websites tend to favour the titles they’re given exclusive access to, along with the fact that many reviewers are friends with – or support financially – other games they may have to review in the future.

Whether or not you believe that automatically makes said person unable to divorce their personal preferences from professional obligations is exactly what this debate was supposed to boil down to. However, amongst all the hate speech that has emerged towards certain prominent female figures in the industry because of it, it’s made the entire movement’s water so muddied it’s impossible to address anything clearly.

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Lord_Sloth1272d ago

Only outcome I'm hoping for is the "forget this whole, horrible and twisted mess ever happened" but that seems like it could be far off.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

That's only really what those corrupt journalists would want

"Oh they've forgotten...great now we can continue what we were doing"

Fireseed1272d ago

If you honestly want a movement to reform journalistic ethics in games journalism then the best thing would be for Gamergate to die. Then reform it as a movement with an actual administrator to get things done. It's kinda like the Occupy Wall Street movement... sure it was great to show people were aware of the issue but what was honestly going to be done by simply existing? The journalists who do the shady deals are scumbags... and simply you being aware of them being scumbags... isn't going to make them stop being that way. Plus the leaderless approach of Gamergate has made it vulnerable to these accusations of its members being hateful and vile whether true or not. Just sitting there and defending this movement with that ever so useless line "The people making death threats are n't truly members of Gamergate", what makes this "movement" just as shady as the journalists they seek to oust.

My recommendation; form a group that requires an application to become certfied. Then have those members pursue class action lawsuits against the journalists for failure to notify their pieces as adverts rather than opinion pieces.

Tl;dr Sitting around tweeting at people you deem corrupt isn't going to show them the error in their ways. Form a group that's accountable for the actions of its members and seek actual ways of fixing this situation.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

"Sitting around tweeting at people you deem corrupt isn't going to show them the error in their ways. Form a group that's accountable for the actions of its members and seek actual ways of fixing this situation"

I know you'd like to think differently but that's not what people do. People in GamerGate look for evidence of the journalists corruption and expose it.

Others like to take the time to point of the hypocrisy of the other side who do things which they blame GG abuse, ignorance, attacks, threats etc

Then you have those who have to keep saying this sort of thing to people such as yourself who believe that what GG people do is just "tweet" journalist to get our point across. Either that or waste time to people who think GG is about attacking women

Take a gander at the Facebook group sometime, lots of examples of the different things people are doing. Hell if you go right to the first status you'll see it's always been about ethics in journalism

Godmars2901272d ago

What needs to happen is the dismantling of the current ad revenue system which rewards click-baiting, and gamers in general to acquire some patience. To gain the ability to "reward" bad sites by not visiting them.

uth111272d ago

@Fireseed- If a group was created with a leader then the press would simply dig up dirt on that person and say 'group discredited'. Anti-GGers would simply claim that the new group is the same 'misogynists' who were in GG and have no credibility.

The fact that the press attacks GG so hard without balance shows they are threatened. The harder they attack, the more people can see that something isn't right, they start looking into GG themselves and find out the truth.

DragonKnight1272d ago

@Fireseed: The fact that Gamergate has been emailing advertisers and has been successful in having ads removed from offending sites means that it's more than just a twitter movement. Gamasutra lost 4 advertisers, the biggest being Intel. Gawker lost BMW and Mercedes Benz which they say has already cost them possibly millions of dollars in revenue.

As much as you want to be dismissive of Gamergate, you can't argue with results. Rock Paper Shotgun has resorted to begging for money now. There is a clear solution to all of this, and The Escapist found it, which is why they've been enjoying their traffic.

The solution was simple and clear, but with each new hit piece that gaming journalism and MSM makes against Gamergate, they make Gamergate dig their heels in deeper so to speak, and they only have themselves to blame for any consequences.

Dee_911271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I actually agree that gamergate should die for that reason..I actually liked it better before gamergate when all of the sites claimed harassment and attacks were by the gamers instead of gamergate.. A title can be good and it can be bad. The main issue I see with gamergate is, its a broad spectrum, lots of people want different things.Journalistic ethics is a very specific principle yet vague term.Simply put, there's a lot that needs to be changed. The first thing that needs to be changed in my opinion, is the journalist and editors that don't see how or understand how they could be going against their code of ethics.Thats really the core issue in my opinion.

As for an outcome I hope for and that could actually happen because it already is happening? These sites and developers in question will eventually shrink considerably, new sites will come up, and these sites will be much more transparent and in tune with what the majority of consumers want.

Lord_Sloth1271d ago

I mean specifically this Zoe and Aniita thing which has twisted the entire purpose.

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Rimgal1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Nothing will happen when Gamergate is over. People will forget about this as soon as another internet drama appears. And then it will start all over again, and we will see the same people saying the same stuff over and over again.

This is like the 1000 article about gamergate approved in the last month. It's time to move one, forget about this internet drama BS and start to actually talking about games.

mixelon1272d ago


It was always a storm in a teacup, it's just a really boring storm in a teacup at this stage.

Dee_911271d ago

jeez okay I will stop caring about this and care more about games if that will make you happy.. what game shall we talk about right now :) ? would you rather we argue over our opinion on which console is better? would this make you happy? whats you fav console ? it sucks in my opinion, oh what joy that was..

Joydivision391272d ago

Down with this GamerCrap scandal, wasting peoples time!!!!!

RickHiggity1272d ago

"Anita Sarkeesian Quits" How is that one of the worst things that can happen? It would be about fucking time.

scark921272d ago

I bet she will move on from the gaming side and become a SJW somewhere else.. because that is what she is, she is far from a gamer..

uth111272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

She is in this to make money. She latched onto the GG movement for page hits and raise her profile. The best thing for GG to do is ignore her.

Godmars2901271d ago

Given that she's only an agitator looking for public recognition, there's little chance of her quitting.

If anything, thanks to GG, she's firmly entrenched in the feminist lecture circuit.

OB1Biker1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I wish people leave the bad things surrounding Gamergate. Whatever this movement is (I dont want to get into any stinky controversy, theres no such a thing as right and wrong) , it can be the start of something new and with a true civilized debate focusing only on the gamers interests.
Because Im deeply convinced there is a real problem in the gaming journalism and if people cant see that they need to wake up

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