Anita Sarkeesian Got What She Wanted

If you really think about it, Anita Sarkeesian achieved her goal: To get attention. Anyone who believes she had any other goal is just fooling themselves.

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SaveFerris1235d ago

The article seems pretty spot on.

hazelamy1234d ago

yeah, death and rape threats, who wouldn't want that?

i'd just love it if some idiot threatened to shoot up a school i was going to appear at.

and don't tell me she faked the threats with "evidence" from that pathetic return of kings site.
that site is garbage, all the things the manchildren accuse feminists of is present on that site but the other way round.

crap like saying women who claim to have been raped are lying and how women are sluts and untrustworthy, and basically only exist to satisfy the sexual urges of men.

but yeah, in one way she did get what she wanted, she proved how prevalent misogyny actually is within gaming, at least within the gamer "community".