Bungie Weekly Update – 10/31/2014

This week at Bungie, we carved a pumpkin. Then, we slam dunked it onto your head.

If you grew up canvasing your neighborhood for candy once a year in a macabre disguise, you’re in on the joke. If you’re playing Destiny in a far-flung land that does not observe Halloween, welcome to a harvest tradition that began back in the 1700s. I shoplifted this quote from the Internet to provide some context as to why your Jackolyte consumable is relevant to all Guardians.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1269d ago

Bungie has really fallen short on this game....

Promised updates on exotics that each week has been pushed back week after week.

Constant persistent unfixed bugs and problems

On disc dlc content

AMA reddit on what happened to destiny

I mean it just keeps staking up.

I play the game a lot but it basically is raid on 3 characters and nightfall on 3 characters and that's it for the week

Stapleface1269d ago

There are place holder icons and maps on the disc, but if you could kindly show proof of someone finding the content on disc that would be great. If you can't, then stop spreading bs. Not a single person has encountered the new Raid, new gear, new stores because they can't be found on the disc, because they are not there.

1nsaint1269d ago

What are you talking about? There are tons of video's showing how to get in the new raid and dlc story area's.

I've already been in the terminus which is the 2015 raid area. I have been on the moon raid area which is coming out this December and i even already got dead ghosts from those locations. And there are at least 3 more area's that are closed off: bunker RAS 2, kingswatch and the area behind the energy door in the black garden.

All that bungie needs to do is add a script of which enemy's spawn at what location and maybe a few audio files for the ghost while he is scanning a door...

1nsaint1269d ago

Oh and if you look at some old vid doc's or trailers from destiny before it came out you'll see area's and cutscenes that aren't even in the game.

Also take a look on destinydb, you'll see there is alot off legendary's already in the database which arent availible yet including the raid gear from the upcoming raid

Stapleface1269d ago

Just like I said, all you can mention are the map areas. No loot, no new enemies (Raid boss), etc. Just empty maps and place holder icons. Thanks for proving my point.

irishyort1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Can I tell you what has just happened Bungie..... Either way bad luck!

In the past 2 weeks I have been kicked out of your Destiny three times. This has either been the fault of yourselves or Sony. Either way I don't care, and it's not at "whatever times" like Monday through Thursday, it's been on the weekends when we all play the frakken most!!!

In saying that, I am now committed to ANOTHER GAME until the release of Far Cry 4 (NOTE: Not an "Always Online" game that is a FPS).

What does this mean... In the scheme of things I say probably nothing, but if other Destiny players follow, maybe a hell of a lot of players leave you for other venture like the 3 days away COD and everything else due out soon.

WTF happened?

Why are Sony dictating your online status with their updates and problems?

Why can't you get yourselves organised to have far less frequent server problems than what we have copped in your short run to "Always online"?

Why haven't you ditched the "Always Online" idea already? You are struggling to get people to stay on board like myself who found your game entertaining until these stupid server / online issues continued to pop up over and over again!

Well I will keep your game as I really totally believe in it , but it's headed for the trade bin unless these issues are sorted out. Kick Sony's ass and get yourselves up to speed or risk MASSIVE EXODUS. Not a threat just a reality.

Stapleface1269d ago

Bungie needs to learns something from other games like Borderlands. Actual holiday events. Stuff like The Bloody Harvest going on now in BL: The Pre Sequel. I'd really be happy to see Bungie put forth some actual effort on stuff like that.

1267d ago