Another game title is axed as Prey 2 is canceled, is this a trend?

"I do not know if it just me or if there is something else happening, but there seems to be a lot of “long awaited” games getting the axe because they are just not good enough. The latest in the recent string of titles is Prey 2. Although this one will come as no surprise considering the history of problems with the game and comments made from publishers and developers, it is still interesting considering some of the other projects that have been cut suddenly."

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-Foxtrot1303d ago

Look on the bright side, hopefully this Alien bounty hunter game will come back in a new a brand new IP, not Prey.


For a Prey sequel I want to start the game with Tommy coming out of the other side of the Portal

He went through and it said "To Be Continued"

If I've waited a long time, as a Prey fan, for a sequel then I at least want them to pick up where they left off...especially with Tommy, not a bald headed, space marine grunt which the new character looked like.

Jason_Plays_PC1302d ago

Prey was an excellent game very early last gen and im saddened this was cancelled.

Sm00thNinja1302d ago

Prey was awesome, that ending man ... Wasn't super excited for the sequel seeing as it was just carrying the name only but sad nonetheless

Roccetarius1302d ago

It's no surprise this was axed, considering Bethesda's shady dealings in the background. They're not exactly innocent.

Roccetarius1302d ago

Here is the truth in the words of another gamer

''Gather round and listen, as I tell you a tale of the underhanded publisher Bethesda and it's sordid dealings around the game of Prey 2.

At first, it begins well. The game was being developed by Human Head, who worked on the game and released a snazzy trailer at e3 in 2011. Fans were excited, gamers were interested, and Bethesda was happy. Why wouldn't they be? Development was on track, and the project was getting positive press. Bethesda and Human Head signed an agreement giving human Head 6 months to a year to polish the game and populate it's missions. All in all, the game was set to release on time in 2012.

But weep, for it could not last.

Bethesda decided a game wasn't good enough. Bethesda decided they would much prefer to own another studio. Already having forced Human Head into a contract stating they couldn't develop any other games except Prey 2, Bethesda cut funding and asked for changes and fixes without following through on its previous promises to give the team more time. In order to keep the company afloat & meet Bethesda's ever-increasing demands for changes to Prey 2, Human Head was forced to accept work supporting development on Bioshock Infinite and Defiance.

After months of this, conflict came to a head. Human Head asked for more cash and time to finish the game. Bethesda said up yours and hid behind the original contract, despite their efforts to waylay the game. Then Bethesda went in for the kill and tried to buy Human Head. Oddly, Human Head didn't want to be owned by a company that had been bleeding them dry for months. Our heroic development company made it's last stand and essentially went on strike, refusing to put any work into the game while Bethesda continued it's tactics.

Despite many attempts by Human Head to negotiate, Bethesda stonewalled them - as per the contract, the game failed to release by a certain date and Bethesda got the game back, and Human Head was released. While our heroes lived to fight another day, Prey 2 remained in the grasp of Bethesda.

Having failed in their takeover attempt, Bethesda was left with a property but no game. It is rumored in hushed voices that they passed development to Arkane studios, but on this dread day, it appears, having no further use for Prey 2, they have given up on the title & consigned it to the abyss.

Meanwhile, Human Head has survived and went on to release Minimum, a multiplayer shooter on Steam.

Now you know the truth, believe not the vile lies of the monolithic publisher that would use such a beloved franchise as a lever to expand their business. And weep, as we all weep: for what could have been, but is now no more.''

Comment was made by Daysnail Sloth on PC gamer.

shloobmm31302d ago

I trend that has been going on since the inception of videogames. We act like this is a new thing for games to get cancelled. I'm still waiting for Starcraft ghost.

Spenok1302d ago

Ha! Well said. Speaking of SC Ghost, I just saw one of my backgrounds that are my screen saver and it was a ghost. It made me want that game again. It sounded so good. Maybe after the success of D3 Blizzard will think about more console games in the future. Okay okay.... a man can hope though right? Lol.

scark921302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

This is not great news :( I hope it becomes up and running some day

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