The Witness to be Playable at PlayStation Experience

Jonathan Blow was pleased to announce on twitter today that his game, The Witness, will be playable for the first time at PlayStation Experience along with titles such as Bloodborne, No Man’s Sky and Until Dawn, among others.

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Jaqen_Hghar1298d ago

Hopefully we get a release soon. For an indie game this is taking an awful long time to come out (debuted in Feb. 2013 at Playstation 4 reveal). Hopefully all that dev time comes out in an awesome experience!

Spikeantestor1298d ago

This is driving me semi crazy! I want to play this game so very much and continue to be surprised at how long its taking for that to happen.

tanukisuit1298d ago

Is Sony going to be streaming this event or is it one of those private/in-person only things?

WeAreLegion1298d ago

They will be streaming it. I imagine many news sites will be, as well.

Letthewookiewin1298d ago

Dam so many good games coming the last two months of 2014, it's only going to get better from there.

SonyWarrior1298d ago

I thought this game was a launch game i dont care about it at all unless its free then maybe ill give it a try like i did fez but i deleted fez after 4 minutes because its trash just like 90% of indie games.

die_fiend1297d ago

You sound someone who should trade in their ps4 for an Xbone and COD

darx1297d ago


Or a PC because if he really wants to experience indie gaming the only rael way is on PC.

DigitalRaptor1297d ago

@ Darx

Why not both?

Supporting and playing indie games on PS4 has its perks, especially when you consider how prevalent cross-buy is in the PlayStation ecosystem. I'm playing Dreamfall Chapters on PC, but have no issue in supporting it again when its hits PS4 in 2015.

SonyWarrior1296d ago

i dont support indie games thats the point of my comment......

MasterCornholio1298d ago


I haven't seen anything from this game in ages.

Eonjay1298d ago

I feel the same way lol. But, its actually playable so that's good.

Spenok1297d ago

About time we see something new on this game.

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