Take-Two Crushes Numbers and Hints at a Red Dead Sequel

Take-Two handily beat Street estimates reporting Q2 EPS of -44c vs. the Street estimate of -59c and sales of $135.4 million vs. the Street estimate of $110.92 million. The company raised guidance for the full fiscal year to EPS of $1.05-1.30 vs. the Street estimate of $1.05.

The company cited stronger than expected catalog sales. On the earnings conference call company management noted NBA 2K15 had franchise record sell-in and sell-through sales for its first week. Moreover Grand Theft Auto Online was the largest contributor of digital revenue. Take-Two also received $22 million in cash from its successful venture investment in Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon for $970 million last month.

The CEO emphatically called out the “massive” success of the Red Dead franchise developed by Rockstar. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a sequel to Red Dead is well into development.

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George Sears1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

One of my favorite new (well, semi new) IPs of the last generation. I've always been a sucker for Spaghetti Western. Huge fan of Clint Eastwood and his old movies and this game really captured the essence of the genre.

Really looking forward for the next entry of the franchise in which; judging by the success of Redemption, it was pretty much inevitable.

Perjoss1502d ago

RDR and the Deadwood TV series pretty much got me into Westerns, I was never a big fan before but after playing some Red Dead I pretty much became obsessed. RDR is probably my number 1 game for the 360/PS3 generation.

FullmetalRoyale1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

"...Such ingratitude after all the times I saved your life."

A cookie for those that know the movie.

Same here as well, friend! Love a lot of Eastwood's movies, and Red Dead Redemption is exceptional!

Would kill(not you ;) for a *sequel!

Spenok1501d ago

Yeah in my opinion Red Dead Redemption is easily Rockstar Norths crowning achievement in games. It was fantastic in just about every way.

Judging by it success it's almost guaranteed to have a sequel. Here's hoping it's soon. I'm itching to play another good western.

mt1501d ago

person who used to be crazy about GTA series, I was disappointed by GTA4, and I was blown away by red red redemption. I kept on saying this is how GTA should have been made.

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Batnut001502d ago

Dangit, I still want my Bully Sequel, the original music composer brought it up that it was in the works but that was years ago.

Nwah1502d ago

As much as I love RDR, I also would love for a sequel to Bully. IMO it was probably Rockstar's best game. It was so well crafted and fun and I'm very picky with my games.

elninels1501d ago

Absolutely. Was actually just talking about how great a sequel to bully could be. That game had an odd premise but still knocked it out of the park. Rockstar had the satire pumping in that game.

slate911502d ago

Earlier rumors that red dead 2 ps4 exclusive? 0_o

jdaboss1501d ago Show
Fkhalf161501d ago

Yeap I started hearing those rumors when the Playstation Experience was announced. I hope not, locking a 3rd party franchise to one platform is a bad idea. then again ROTR happened. I hope R* don't do this.

Kavorklestein1501d ago

Lay off the crack and switch it for some salt. Rumors are often started by dill-tards just to flame

sugawalls1502d ago

Keep it exclusive to consoles again please. :)

CerealKiller1502d ago

Wider audience = more potential revenue = greater investment in the game

Tell me again why it would be a good idea to be console exclusive?

Spotie1501d ago

Wider audience only equals potential. It also equals higher risk of lost profits.

Develop a PC version that doesn't sell well enough to cover costs, or stick with who you know will buy your product?


elninels1501d ago

Yes I dont understand this.

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