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Xbox 360 works better with Mac than Sony PS3

From MacUser.com "I never thought I'd say this, but it seems that Microsoft has a product that works better with the Mac than the Sony equivalent. Well, to be fair, I guess I always knew that product would be the Xbox 360.

I remember just one year ago, when I would talk to my friends about the Xbox 360. "Don't get it," I'd say "It's a waste of money. Wait for the PS3 to come out. I mean, it has Blu-Ray!" Sure, the PS3 does have Blu-Ray, but it's also more expensive than the 360, harder to get, and has a worse game line-up. But, another important issue about the Xbox 360 vs, the PS3 is Mac compatibility. Right now, the Xbox 360 looks like the better gaming system to compliment your Mac. The first thing is, as Dan mentioned before, the PS3 can't play music directly off of the iPod, while the 360 can, and does so very nicely. But, not only that, as Dan also mentioned in that post, the PS3 can't stream music off of your Mac. Connect360 (which, you guessed it, Dan covered) allows you to stream not only unprotected music and photos from your Mac, but also Windows Media videos via Flip4Mac. Oh, and the Xbox 360 USB wired controller will work with the Mac via a special driver, while I don't think that the PS3 even has a wired controller (but the PS3 does have Bluetooth controllers). And, of course, the white and chrome Xbox 360 goes much better with your Mac than the black and silver PS3 (unless you have a black Macbook).

So, contrary to what I may have thought a year ago, the Xbox 360 seems to be the best console to accompany your Mac. Still, to be fair, the Xbox 360 has had a year to mature, and it's very well possible that by November 2007, Sony will have added better iPod support and streaming to the PS3. And, maybe even a white-colored model." (PS3, Xbox 360)

power of Green  +   3205d ago
Ha ha!.
Lame Votes

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HaHa 24 Nov 2006 21:35.
HaHa  +   3205d ago
your point is......???
BIadestarX  +   3205d ago
If I am not mistaken he is saying you are as lame as your vote.
Islandkiwi  +   3205d ago
well, that's good
I just ordered an imac. I can't wait!
power of Green  +   3205d ago
Better yet what's yours, What's lame about it?.
DJ  +   3205d ago
One was built to communicate with PCs
and the other IS a PC. I think the author should've forseen this before touching their keyboard. I mean, come on, with the PS3 you don't spend time streaming content off your personal computer. You just put it on the hard drive and you're good to go.
power of Green  +   3205d ago
You download stuff and surf, big whoop! The DreamCast surfed the web, like the CNN dude said the PS3 can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.(it can't download content and rip cds's while playing a game at the same time, it cant play your personal music while playing games?, i wouldn't exactly call it a PC, streaming is much better in many ways. lol
Daytona  +   3204d ago
another brilliant comment from Duh Duh Duh Duh DJ!
Alway's trying to say your pathetic console aren't you. Too late.

p.s. It's not a PC.
Thugbot187  +   3203d ago
I think I loose brain cells reading your post.
heihoosilver  +   3205d ago
I expect it being compatible with all peripherics, right?
InMyOpinion  +   3204d ago
The Ps3 is a box of empty promises and underwhelming technology. It's because it can't do games as good as the 360 they're trying to use the old 'multimedia machine' bs again. No one cares, all you want is good games, right? Your PC does the rest...
NubreedLive  +   3204d ago
the hell with sony or microsoft, better off with a Wii
BRUTUS  +   3204d ago
xbox360 all
all news in here are fake poor xbots trying to say xbox is better than ps3 cause they affraid if the sony will live in the market more than 3 month it starts to win nextgen wars xbox360 is a huge dissapointment if anybody have both consoles will understand me
power of Green  +   3204d ago
No it's just the reality of what's going on right now.
PS3 was over hyped with a piss poor launch, you really thing that Sony fan trolls would pass up good news to boast the PS3 if there was any. lol

I know many people that have both including myself(Ebay) that don't see it the way you do.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   3204d ago
as usual
more microsoft gamers posting than sony gamers.flame bait central on this article.the system is cool,the games and the controller are fun.get over it.ps1 was thought to fail.IT DIDN'T.the ps2 was thought to fail.IT DIDN'T.the psp is probally over 20 million by now.which is successful enough going up against nintendo and their dominance in handhelds.the ps3 just released.it's fun to play.the games are coming.sony's idea of the marathon than the sprint will mean it will be successful barring any hangups.stop being haters.it doesn't make your lives any fuller.
power of Green  +   3204d ago
Once again news is news, no one can help if theres more good news for the 360, if there was more good news for the PS3 it would be posted in a heart beat it's not our fault that PS3 news is so poor that people are posting articals about PS3 shoes.
super bill  +   3204d ago
there will never be any good news for the ps3 because the console is crap and the games are crap the worse reviews ever on a console.the 360 is the real next gen console and the games show that.trouble with the ps3 fanboys is that they spent or that money on a console which is so much under delevering from sony wtich promises the world but always lets you down.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3204d ago
even if there was good news
it would get bashed.it's that simple power of green.no good news has ever gone without it getting tore down by gow talk or framrates of rushed games or numbers.it's always the same in every post.i look at the 360 side and it's barely any posts.i look at the ps3 side,and posts are everywhere.the wii side is just bare with no one really going there.sad really.no good sony news will ever go without some fanboy commenting.instead of just being gamers.
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3204d ago
PS3 problems
MY pS3 ate resistence and won't give it back HELP !
ChickeyCantor  +   3203d ago
your name is just funny :D
Thugbot187  +   3203d ago
Sorry to here it ate your game. I tried to post and let people know about Sony’s track recorded with optical devices. My first experience was with my Sony Vaio computer, with in the first year I had it I replaced the CD ROM drive 5 times through Sony’s warranty service. I got so tired of calling Sony I just went out and bought a top of the line Sony DVD Drive which went out on me in 3 months instead of a Month :( Only to replace with a generic drive that lasted till I got ride of the computer. When I worked as a Computer Tech, we had more calls of the CD and DVD drives going out on Sony Vaio’s then any other computer with generic CD and DVD drives. Don’t get me wrong despite that little defect with the drives they had some killer multimedia computers. Look at the PS2 and PSOne, so many people have reported that the drives died(I wouldn’t be surprised if a good majority of the sells for the PS2 were people replacing theres where the drive have died). Being it’s taken 10 years to develop BLU-RAY and Sony had all the production problems of getting 50gig BLU-RAY disc to work right, and with all there past history I’m not surprised the drives are failing. If you decided to get a PS3 take warning and get the extended warranty.
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NextGen24Gamer  +   3203d ago
Sonys Righthand Man
I don't play my ps3 much. But, every time I go to walmart or best buy recently the system is froze on a game screen. ha ha ha ha...Its only been like 3 times but it seems like every single time I go they have to reset it. I have heard people say if you play for several hours it freezes up on you. I believe it. But the longest I have played mine for is an hour at a time. Gears of WAr and Rainbow Six keeps calling me back. Its wierd. In a way the 360 has set the bar so high that I can't fully enjoy the ps3 with lackluster graphics and extreme frame rate issues. If I would have hever owned the 360...I might be ok with the ps3. But as of now. The 360 totally out performs the 200 dollar more system. Easily. But for those who skipped the 360 and made the jump from the ps2. You should be ok. But if you have an aquired taste for Next Gen Games due to the 360 and high end computers...you will be extremely dissappointed in the ps3.

P.S. Your not alone sonys righthand man....The ps3's are eating discs and freezing up on people all over. I hope you have a warranty. I do. But, I think sony charges so much for the warranty because they know things will go wrong. And I just found out that once you use the warranty...you have to buy another one. So its kinda like you are paying for the repairs yourself every single time. Thats crazy if you think about it. My 360 warranty was only 30 dollars. WOW. Thanks Microsoft.
AuburnTiger  +   3203d ago
it's funny you bring up frozen machines....
Because everytime I go into a EB I see an XBOX 360 with a blinking red light, and just like you I laugh.
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3203d ago
Top Gamer, Thugbot187 your both right- I made a BIG mistake trading in my 360 for this pile of crap !
MicroGamer  +   3203d ago
360 didn't need a year to "mature"
It had all the features the author is praising from the first day.

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