Xbox 360 works better with Mac than Sony PS3

From "I never thought I'd say this, but it seems that Microsoft has a product that works better with the Mac than the Sony equivalent. Well, to be fair, I guess I always knew that product would be the Xbox 360.

I remember just one year ago, when I would talk to my friends about the Xbox 360. "Don't get it," I'd say "It's a waste of money. Wait for the PS3 to come out. I mean, it has Blu-Ray!" Sure, the PS3 does have Blu-Ray, but it's also more expensive than the 360, harder to get, and has a worse game line-up. But, another important issue about the Xbox 360 vs, the PS3 is Mac compatibility. Right now, the Xbox 360 looks like the better gaming system to compliment your Mac. The first thing is, as Dan mentioned before, the PS3 can't play music directly off of the iPod, while the 360 can, and does so very nicely. But, not only that, as Dan also mentioned in that post, the PS3 can't stream music off of your Mac. Connect360 (which, you guessed it, Dan covered) allows you to stream not only unprotected music and photos from your Mac, but also Windows Media videos via Flip4Mac. Oh, and the Xbox 360 USB wired controller will work with the Mac via a special driver, while I don't think that the PS3 even has a wired controller (but the PS3 does have Bluetooth controllers). And, of course, the white and chrome Xbox 360 goes much better with your Mac than the black and silver PS3 (unless you have a black Macbook).

So, contrary to what I may have thought a year ago, the Xbox 360 seems to be the best console to accompany your Mac. Still, to be fair, the Xbox 360 has had a year to mature, and it's very well possible that by November 2007, Sony will have added better iPod support and streaming to the PS3. And, maybe even a white-colored model."

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power of Green 4405d ago

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HaHa 24 Nov 2006 21:35.

HaHa4404d ago

your point is......???

BIadestarX4404d ago

If I am not mistaken he is saying you are as lame as your vote.

Islandkiwi4404d ago

I just ordered an imac. I can't wait!

power of Green 4404d ago

Better yet what's yours, What's lame about it?.

DJ4404d ago

and the other IS a PC. I think the author should've forseen this before touching their keyboard. I mean, come on, with the PS3 you don't spend time streaming content off your personal computer. You just put it on the hard drive and you're good to go.

power of Green 4404d ago

You download stuff and surf, big whoop! The DreamCast surfed the web, like the CNN dude said the PS3 can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.(it can't download content and rip cds's while playing a game at the same time, it cant play your personal music while playing games?, i wouldn't exactly call it a PC, streaming is much better in many ways. lol

Daytona4403d ago

Alway's trying to say your pathetic console aren't you. Too late.

p.s. It's not a PC.

Thugbot1874402d ago

I think I loose brain cells reading your post.

heihoosilver4404d ago

I expect it being compatible with all peripherics, right?

InMyOpinion4403d ago

The Ps3 is a box of empty promises and underwhelming technology. It's because it can't do games as good as the 360 they're trying to use the old 'multimedia machine' bs again. No one cares, all you want is good games, right? Your PC does the rest...

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