First Look at the New Xbox One Store and Twitter Video Share; Now Available to Preview Members

Microsoft has rolled out a new version of the November dashboard update preview, and this time it included some quite interesting additions. A revamped Xbox One store and sharing videos directly to Twitter.

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gangsta_red1503d ago

Was never a fan of the whole Windows Metro UI, but for Xbox One it is really starting to grow on me. The GUI still needs some work before it will be as easy and intuitive as the 360 but it'll get there sooner than later.

SniperControl1503d ago

I have had my X1 for about two weeks now, gotta say, i am struggling to like the UI, only good thing about it, is the pin option at the front. I was never a fan of metro and rejoiced when they gave you the ability to get rid of it in W8.1.

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brotherlymoses1503d ago

Don't worry, it took me 6months to get used to it and I'm still having trouble finding things lol. Hopefully they overhaul it next year once windows 10 releases

TheBanditKing1502d ago

What cracks me up is when people complain about how bad the X1 UI is, you bought a Microsoft product, they have been shoehorning that nasty Metro interface into everything they make for the last 4 years and somehow you expected it to be better on here? Xbox is just another way to push Windows to Microsoft.

qwerty6761503d ago

it still looks like crap, the store is awful

with 360 it was so easy to sort big releases from indie games with xbox live arcade now its all confusing and very hard to actually just browse games.

Masterh0ppa1503d ago

Haha, you made me laugh :)

Sonital1503d ago

This is awkward, I thought us Xbox gamers weren't meant to be looking for indie games?

Sm00thNinja1503d ago

I love it minus the store but this new update should fix that I've already downloaded but haven been on Xbox in a bit

Sm00thNinja1503d ago

Stop posting here Cooper find another site I was here first!

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The story is too old to be commented.