PS4 gets temporary price cut in UK - £329 this weekend only

Sony has temporarily reduced the price of PlayStation 4 to £329.99 for this weekend only.

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Why o why1505d ago

Is this sonys first official price cut?

The x1 is already cheaper. ....I didn't even know that....thats a big swing

IIFloodyII1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

They've done this a few times already in the UK, so no.
It's just them countering the Xbox One CoD bundles.

FlyingFoxy1505d ago

Exactly, it's just an official price drop. Doesn't stop retailers having lower prices through sales, as they set the price to what ever they want.

Mr Pumblechook1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago ) are selling it for £319.99.

At this rate I suspect both PS4 and XBO will break the £299 barrier in January.

Army_of_Darkness1505d ago

Gezz, a temporary price cut in the normal world is called a "SALE" author of this article....

It's like saying orange juice at your local grocery store get a price-cut for one week only! LOL!

Bathyj1505d ago

It's not like they need a price cut. Just testing the waters maybe?

GribbleGrunger1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

They'll want to keep the chain flushed so that orders from retailers are steady. With the price drop of the XB1, there will be a spike of sales for the XB1 which could lead to a temporary decline in PS4 sales. Nothing drastic but enough to change the production line. Offering this for a weekend is just to make sure the production line isn't slowed. Sony will only drop the price for longer if they produce more than they sell. MS have plenty of stock because they've already produced more than they could sell.

I'm sure Sony will sell as many PS4s as they can produce this Christmas, it's just a matter of distribution. If they think they can sell more in Europe, unhindered by the XB1 price drop, then they'll push more consoles through that market and won't worry about the XB1 outselling them in other regions, such as America. As much as people like to break the territories up to gain some token victory, what matters is production needs to equal sell through in relation to their world wide market.

Spenok1505d ago

Yeah pretty much this. It's all up to production and distribution. If they have too many made, and not enough sale through, they will do something like this in order to shift units. In this case, they will slow in sales without a price drop due to the Xbone's price drop. So it's more of a give and take.

Ps4andxb11505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Great move for consumers.

Bring it down to £199.99 and I'll start buying for friends and family.

keki1505d ago

Sony trying to keep the flow.good job!

tekksin1505d ago

they need this in America badly to circumvent the xbox one sale. They're already flying high in the UK, idk why they wouldn't focus on America where there's at least a fight.

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