Celebrate Halloween With a Spooky Dark Souls II Discount

Hardcore Gamer: The Bandai Namco storefront isn’t the most well-known out there, but it has been a haven for solid savings before. Now, the company is celebrating Halloween with a 24 hour-long sale on the Dark Souls series.

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ValKilmer1503d ago

That's actually an insanely good deal.

ATi_Elite1503d ago

Gonna celebrate Halloween as usual. Dress up and go to a land party play some TF2 Guild Wars 2 and a bunch of other games until midnight then hit the town for a few hours then come back and finish the Halloween night off in style.

This year the first person to pass out gets their Pc traded for a PS VITA with a cracked screen for a week or has to game online using an atari 800 as a keyboard OUCH.