Xbox One Price Cut, Sunset Overdrive, Horror Games - GameRevolution Radio 120

GR: Listen in as the GameRevolution crew discusses Microsoft's Xbox One price drop, why Sunset Overdrive is so awesome, and more!

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dbjj120881477d ago

I think Xbox One will have a better holiday than PlayStation 4 this year, if only for the number of exclusives and the lack of first-party content on PS4.

bleedsoe9mm1477d ago

i agree completely that sunset overdrive is going to be in allot of people's GOTY discussions .

gangsta_red1477d ago

Sunset Overdrive all weekend, played it a little this week and wow, this game is just so frickin sweet.

Just the vibrant colors alone reminds me of the old Sega Dreamcast days where the future was bright and we had to wear shades.

Such a breath of fresh air amongst the grit, war, destruction, and testosterone fueled marines/rebels fighting in the apocalypse.

LamerTamer1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

"reminds me of the old Sega Dreamcast days where the future was bright and we had to wear shades."

Except that the Dreamcast bombed, causing Sega to exit the console business... (I for one DID like the Dreamcast however).

knifefight1477d ago

He's talking about BEFORE that though. When the Dreamcast was either imminent or brand new. The DC actually had a great first holiday season.

knifefight1477d ago

Gamers win this holiday season. All 3 new console have really hit their stride.

OOMagnum1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

You mean 2 out of the 3. Keep it real.

SideNote1477d ago

Sunset overdrive wasn't on my rader untill those reviews came in. 8's and 9s and even 10's have made me take notice and even choose this over Halo master chief collection. I like playing something new, even got Titanfall this weekend for £27 over xbox live, I love that game. Its a great time to be an xbox one owner, I almost traded it all in for a ps4 couple months ago. So glad I didn't now.

VforVideogames1477d ago

Titanfall its a fun game specially 'last titan standing' I'm getting SSOD this Saturday cant wait, and then MCC and then COD and then....