Smedley: Planetside 2 On PS4 Looking Really Good, Beta In Next Few Months

John Smedley tweets about Planetside 2 on PS4 Looking Really Good and promises a Beta in next few months

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Mostafeto1509d ago

That pic on John's computer even though it is not that clear but I am sure this game will be great on PS4 I swear I am waiting for this game like a little boy waiting for his Christmas present :D

Alexious1509d ago

It's a good game, unlike anything else out there, especially on consoles. Hopefully it will run at [email protected] after all this time, though...

TomShoe1509d ago

Next few months?!

Come on man, I'm getting sick of waiting.

user56695101509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Yeah I know bout time it comes out it will be 5yrs old on pc. Seems to be a lot of waiting over there while others are playing a lot of games

I'm guessing soe are having a tough time porting this game.

Muzikguy1509d ago

I can't believe this game is taking so long to come out. I'm waiting for it though!

Kavorklestein1509d ago

This was one of the FIRST announced games for PS4. The game was supposed to be ready at launch! When you factor in how long it's been out for PC, it's really dumb how long it's taking. If The Last of Us can be enhanced within a year, then why does little old planetside take so long? Dumb.

ramiuk11509d ago

im sure they said would be ou this year

Spenok1508d ago

It's good to know they have it running. Beta soon! Hopefully that means the game by June or so.

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Imp0ssibl31509d ago

Hurry already with this one!

DigitalRaptor1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Looks like it's coming next year if we're only going to be getting the beta between some time between December and spring next year.

Still, that makes Sony's 2015 lineup even more absolutely godly.

yarbie10001509d ago

I was hoping they were a lot closer to launching it by now

jmac531509d ago

They did say 2014 at E3. It looks like it will be Spring 2015 now.

yarbie10001509d ago

they said it would release in 14?

KwietStorm1509d ago

Yes it was supposed to launch with PS4, then all they said was 2014. Now without any update on that, they go straight to the beta being available in the next few months. I've been anticipating this so much, but I don't know how much I care now. I really wanted it this year, and I have no idea how much time I can spend on any one game early next year. At least it's free.

DarkLord10031509d ago

Jesus. Shouldn't the game be out by now

Alexious1509d ago

It sounds like they're having lots of issues with the UI.

Kavorklestein1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I remember on the PC version, sometimes you would use a scoped weapon, when you would try to zoom in to snipe, not only would it not show a scope, and simply zoom in all cheesy like, but sometimes your entire gun would disappear elements like that would disappear and/or fail to render ALL the time. lol.
Kinda hard to shoot dudes when you have NO scope, and your whole gun and reticule disappears when you aim.. that was just ONE of the problems I ran into often. How about broken tutorials? Like sometimes no waypoint to shown you what to do, or sometimes no text displayed where it's supposed to- tell you what your objective is to complete the tutorial... The currency system glitched on me twice, I had to file a complaint for in game purchases that would take too much money accidentally, and I would sometimes log in with NO currency even tho I had just bought 5 bucks worth of currency...

One time I was stuck reloading checkpoints and that didnt even fix the broken tutorial. . And trying to get up onto a tower with no vehicles , and no elevators, stairs, or way to get up was annoying. I even tried stacking vehicles up to jump up to the platform in the tower, and there was an invisible boundary around the platform so I couldn't even glitch the game into working the way it was supposed to... kind of a mediocre game in the first place... not bad for being f2p, but far from anything special IMO. The delay is down right ridiculous. Driveclub 2.0? (; actually almost getting to a point where it's seeming like they should have announced the planetside PS4 version this month instead of a year ago.

Ra30301509d ago

I'm sorry I just don't see them releasing this anytime soon no matter what they say or promise. Sony has had so many issues with the network over the last 90 days and they'll have so many more new users joining the network because of Xmas it would be crazy of them to try putting this out until they know for sure they have the network stable and so far their not even close. Though I am looking forward to this game but I'm not buying anything that anyone says about PS2 and it's release until I see I can hit download on the PS4.

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