Evolve PS4 Alpha Postponed Due to Problems With PS4 Firmware 2.0

2K has revealed that the PS4 Alpha for Evolve is now postponed due to problems they have been having since Sony released firmware 2.0 on PS4.

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spence524901502d ago

Wow there goes my evening. Ugh back to 2k15 then...

hardeepmeghera1502d ago

Damnit Sony. Downloaded like 5 gigs out of the 12.9 and its been postponed. So utterly dissapointing.

Genuine-User1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I wouldn't be so quick to damn Sony.
This is clearly a problem on TurtleRocks end.
If the issue at hand is the latest firmware, why isn't their a single software compatibility issue?

Genuine-User1502d ago

Some people are so pathetic on this website, disagreeing without adding anything to the conversation.

TurtleRocks statement smells like BS to me. They are only just figuring out now that it doesn't work with 2.0? They would have had access to this firmware weeks or months ago - there's no way this comes as a shock to them.

My guess is that their alpha is broken on PC and PS4 and they have a convenient excuse for the PS4 version so they took it.

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Scar-1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I am going to have to agree TurtleRocks has been looking like a group of amateurs for a awhile now. The keep pushing back release dates on all platforms and I've heard the e3 build was not to good as well.

iiorestesii1501d ago

Right. And considering they have a timed exclusive deal with MS on this title....Kinda reminds me of the PR genius behind those "leaked" exo zombie photos three days before "day zero"?????:0

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CloudRap1502d ago

your not missing out on much guys, I cant find a game still on xb1, doubt with ps4 and pc on that it would be any easier.

Masterh0ppa1502d ago

Lol been playing whole afternoon..

turdburgler10801502d ago

Try changing the monster to last choice. It seems to work well for me and many others on the evolve reddit. I think everyone just wants to try out the monster and that's bogging folks down.

Sonital1502d ago

Literally connecting to a game this very second - you need patience.

Bansai1502d ago

stop lying, i've been playing without an issue today and yesterday on xo

thrust1502d ago

I have played 3 games in the last 15mins on xbox one!

Psn is a mess it was better when it was free!

sourav931501d ago

Yeah because a game not working due to it being incompatible with the ps4's new firmware is clearly a PSN issue /s

t-hall7851502d ago

I call bs. i found a match immediately after downloading. i was actually on a twitch stream with some gamer that goes by mz vixen. i heard her talking to her streamers so i joined in on my phone. 1000+ viewers. Game was pretty lame to me though but to each their own.

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Lionalliance1502d ago

Couldn't they test it when 2.0 came last Tuesday?