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Lords of the Fallen has some mighty big opposition to compete against with it taking on the almost perfect Dark Souls series of games. So with a newer generation of console to offer us an even richer graphical experience, just how does it fare?

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Joher1507d ago

I can recomended this game all of this RPG fans who want have to challenging game with very nice storyline. I know LotF is not as difficult like Ds but it is still difficult a lot. For me LotF is very nice game and maybe I don't finished it yet but I try explore Harkyn world as goog as I can. But if I finished it for sure I will play on it one more time.

Aminot1506d ago

What Lords of the Fallen brings is very well design combat, with lots of weapons too chose from with very different movesets. The diversity in combat is where replayability comes from, dealing with, for example, shielded enemies while wielding two-handed weapon and dual wielding is completely different experience.