Chrono Cross Is An Overlooked Bastion Of Strong Female Characters

GeekParty's Tim Evans: "If you’re looking for something a little different in terms of how women are portrayed in video games, you should take another look at this title. It does quite a bit right, and today’s designers should take a page out of Chrono Cross‘ book."

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ghettosmurf1504d ago

I'm that sad bastard who constantly pines for a HD remake of this game because I missed it when it was fresh and I can't get past the dated graphics.

Ninjamohawk1504d ago

The graphics aren't terrible. It's easier to look at than ff7

TheNewSquid1504d ago

I would have been happy if they would have done a more classic aesthetic, the way Wild Arms did.

Ninjamohawk1501d ago

I wholeheartedly agree but I still find what they did appealing. Man, 32 bit pixeled CC would be awesome.

hazelamy1504d ago

sadly, i've never played the game.

yet another Square title that never made it to europe.

and the chances of it appearing on the EU psn are somewhere bewteen slim and none.

i might as well just get a US psn card, i could get Parasite Eve as well then.