There's a new way to cheese Atheon

GameZone: "There's a new way to cheese Atheon and have him fall to his death, because players will always find a way."

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Mister_Audrey1503d ago

Vault of Glass deserves to be cheesed. Bungie cheesed us all when we bought the game.

spektical1503d ago

Lol what exactly happened?

SpitFireAce851503d ago

No clue man..looks like he walked of the edge lol

--Onilink--1502d ago

atheon is walking on top of the shield created by the relic, which allows him to pass over the bumpers that bungie added on the borders

Basically you move him close to the hole in the middle but make him move a bit to the right so he climbs those rocks(the same way as before, warlock grenades or supers), after that he will start walking on top of the shield and poof, he´s gone

GuruStarr781503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

My raid team tried to do this hours yesterday... it's really, really hard to do...

Every time we got him into position and went to drop the shield, he teleports back to the back area..

basically, what is happening, is that once your team leaves the portal, you run to the middle platform and use the relic and the light that cleanses, atheon will walk on top o the bubble and then you release the bubble and atheon drops to his death.... much easier said than done....

kryteris1503d ago

so the aoe grenades from behind make him walk forward onto the bubble? that is a good distance away seems like atheon would have to jump, or teleport not just walk over.

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