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gamrReview's Zach Frimpong: "It's great to see Insomniac return to form and create a game entirely about invigorating the player and not ruining your enjoyment with a ham-fisted story or unnecessary realism. Sunset Overdrive is most assuredly a blast to play and a must-own Xbox One title."

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green1506d ago

Got my digital copy today so going to findout for myself how good it is this weekend.

2cents1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

12.01 baby!!!

Edit: oh wait a minute... it launched today didn't it! I'm such an idiot lol. I could have played it last night AAAAaaarrrggghhhhh...

Now work is going to go by really slooooooooowly.

Septic1506d ago

Haha I feel your pain. I did the same thing...thinking it was releasing at midnight today.

Now I'm at work looking at the clock.

Godz Kastro1505d ago

Your in for a treat friend.

jahcure1505d ago

i got this game on launch day (tuesday) and it's pretty wild. I do have one small concern though...

i don't know what you guys' friends list is like but there's hardly anyone on my list playing or owning this game. This is an awesome game and deserves the sales so we all get future titles.

Even on amazon it never ranked inside the top 5 and it's already slipped into the many peeps were here for reviews and don't seem to buy...SUPPORT THE GAME FOLKS!

Eldyraen1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I have a small friends list myself and only 3 of us currently have the game but I know one is picking up the Bundle next week.

Sunset could be the type of game that a lot of people were on the fence about and could push at least a few towards the purchasing of a One. If so some may need to wait for their paycheck as hadn't planned on picking it up ahead of time.

As for me I was going to rent and Keep from Gamefly but may just purchase a Day One Digital Deluxe copy since it is still available. I only played it for a few hours last night but it seems good enough to support it directly from MS as it could be my new favorite game on the new consoles thus far. It got me hooked quick and haven't touched cool yet.

marlinfan101506d ago

This games my surprise of the year. I Figured it'd be a decent game, but I never expected it to be as good as it is. It came out just in time to, right when I started getting bored of destiny. Can't wait to get off work and back to killing some OD tn

XanderZane1506d ago

Game is awesome. The graphics are incredible. So much detail. The story is pretty hilarious at times. Takes awhile to get used to the controls though, but once you do, the games is a blast. I've only completed 4-5 missions so far because I wanted to play Lord of the Fallen too. I'll be playing them both again this weekend. I haven't tried the 8 player mode yet. Anyone give that a try?

giovonni1505d ago

I agree, the controls took a little while to get used to, so I practiced around the city before I went into anything major. The weapons are funny as all hell, I haven't tried the eight co-op yet, save my live tag giovonnikahdafi I'll be on this weekend

Godz Kastro1505d ago

8 Player mode with friends is a blast!!!

DEEBO1506d ago

My Kid blew through SO in three days! he loved it,the graphics look cool i would recommend to open world lovers.I think open world games (for me) is the best feature in games

Just picture the game you loved the most but it's open world ?

If they put the MP and SP in the game for gamers options .
Witcher 3
The divison
Dying light
Batman AK
Dragon Age
AC unity
Crack Down 3
And the ones i forgot and the ones that are out now,Sunset,Infamous,Shadows of Mordor,Black flag,watch dogs,sleep dogs,dead rising 3,GRound Zero's(hey i know it's a demo but still it was fun)
I like the new generation systems or current generation,I think It's time to say farewell to the ps3 and trade it in this holiday to put in current generation in the bedroom.

Software_Lover1505d ago

My only complaint is the profanity filter. I wish it was actual different dialogue instead of the beeps. For example, instead of "What a beep (F***) up" I would rather have them say "What a screw up".

I hated answering questions everytime my son asked why is that beep there.

Godz Kastro1505d ago

Im glad they added one. I was concerned about my young nephew playing with profanity.

Eldyraen1505d ago

It is pretty bad sometimes but as I don't have kids it isn't really an issue for me. I was wondering what the filter did though so you answered that question for me unintentionally.

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