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Adam Shepherd writes: "The Internet kind of exploded earlier this year when trailers emerged for Mortal Kombat X, the latest entry in the seminal fighting game franchise. The first game of the series to be released on next-generation platforms, it looked absolutely gorgeous, and fans have been itching to play it ever since. After a hands-on at London's MCM Expo, we can safely confirm that it is every bit as fun as we'd all hoped."

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Hoffmann1506d ago

Looking forward to MKX too but really hate they made Goro a pre-order character. Character DLC's in fighting games should be disallowed by the law!

Kyosuke_Sanada1506d ago

I agree.......I severely miss unlocks for fighting games.

Hoffmann1506d ago

Yeah...MK9 had at least Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi as unlockable characters. I guess there will be 1-3 unlockable guys in MKX as well, its more my concern that it is unfair if some people can use a character from the start only because they pre-ordered a game and others have to pay extra.

Because of this I might wait until the Komplete Edition is out. DLC is something I don't like to support.

MarquiseGT1506d ago

Can't wait to play this game

aecolye1506d ago

It really does look good and I'm excited to see the new system in all of its brutality.

yankolo1506d ago

Im gonna get this game im a fan since the snes ...but its not gonna be better than KI...

TomahawkX1506d ago

so many games next year that I may wait for the eventual Ultimate edition instead.

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