Xbox One eSRAM Hasn’t Affected Wwise Audio Middleware Development, PS4/Xbox Similar From Audio Side

Audiokinetic's Mike Drummelsmith talks about this generation of consoles being much easier to work with.

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Godz Kastro1382d ago

Ok, ok, ok ...just make games... so flipping tired of this old argument already whether positive or negative. sheesh...

Bdub20001382d ago

Yet you raced here to be the first comment... However, I completely agree with you.

Godz Kastro1382d ago

I wouldnt say race... I clicked on article, read it and responded. I just want this to die off already so any remark i can add to go against this horrid argument is time well spent.

OMGitzThatGuy1382d ago

Halo 2 Documentary now live on Xbox One.

kassler1382d ago

You can tell it's a gamingbolt article from miles away.

DVS-Zev1382d ago

Pretty much.It's like they email hundreds of dev's a day asking if they have any issues dealing with either console, then make an article about their answer lol

Omran1382d ago


bubble up for being funny xD

FITgamer1382d ago

I honestly don't see why people approve their articles. Same s*** every article.

Gamer7771382d ago

Isn't the eSRAM for the GPU and not the audio processing chip ?

keki1382d ago

wtf did i just read? lol

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