Destiny: The Dark Below Benefits PS4 Players the Most

Destiny has been a mix bag ever since it was released, there have been a huge number of players saying that the game feels empty. There has also been a long list of complaints about the changes Bungie has made in their updates to the game. Through all of that gamers have kept playing hoping it would get better with Destiny’s first expansion.

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Neonridr1479d ago

as a PS4 player of Destiny, obviously I am not affected by this news. But I can understand why MS fans would be upset about paying the same amount of money but not getting the same amount of content.

the_dark_one1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

well we can aswell be upset that the especial edition of the witcher 3 on xbox one will cost the same as the ps4 but it will include some extra physical goodies

Reaper29r1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

That's where you're mistaken. Those are physical items that have no impact on the game itself. It's something outside of the game that MS paid to have made. Its not the CDPR playing favorites. Again, MS paid to have that made. It will have no true impact on your game. There won't be some mission on your map that says it's locked and will be playable to you one day, though you paid full price for it. It would even be different if the strike was a bonus mission made for PS4 alone and Xbox never received it because it was paid for by Sony. But it's not, and to make it worse it's for a year not 30 days. It's a mixture of SOME MONEY (Sony cannot outbid MS, even the game division) and Bungie bitterness for not being allowed by MS to make Destiny. Its a slap to the face of their Xbox fans. Big difference, and not even comparabe.

TomShoe1478d ago

@Reaper I'd say the Tomb Raider deal is an even worse slap to the face. PS fans don't get the game at all because MS wrote a nice fat check to Square Enix to hold it off PS platforms.

gatormatt801478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Wait..What?!? I thought TR was just a timed exclusive. Has that changed because awhile ago Phil Spencer even said it was timed exclusive.

lemoncake1479d ago

Problem is that even with the additional content of the ps4 version it's still a big price to ask for the amount of content.

joab7771479d ago

Have ppl forgotten Fallout 3, every CoD, and Skyrim I believe.

PS3 owners paid for dlc a yr later that was broken for a game that was broken.

nicksetzer11479d ago

But it was the same content, for the same price... use logic, seriously. Delayed content and missing content are two different beasts.

1479d ago
UltraAtomic1478d ago

Cod yes and fallout not really sure how that workedout. skyrim was sonys fault besdia had gave them the dlc after the month of exclusively expired from ms. Sony could not get it working besdia had to help bring it to ps3. so no, on skyrim. and cod you got it a month later we don't even know when the x1 version is being released.

nicksetzer11479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Yea, NEVER has DLC cost the same on 2 platforms but had missing features that actually effect the game.

Weapons or outfits? (Aka cosmetics) Sure

Release sooner on one console? Sure.

Charge 20$ and give less actual game content, not just weapons or costumes, (on an already content starved game) is unheard of.

It is a dirty move on actibision and Sony's behalf. Why buy the DLC if you are an xbox owner at all?

Edit: for those disagreeing, could you please list any other game that has actually pulled playable content for one console? Or are you just being fanboys? It would be like COD giving 5 maps to xbox owners and only 4 to PS owners for the same cost, if you pretend that is fair game, you are just a liar.

illAmpRefugee1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

i agree and im a ps4 fan. look im all for these devs wanting to make a little side money and giving extra gear and timed exclusiveity for sony/ms if they pay extra for these things. but giving away extra mission/strikes/raids the things that make destiny what it is, is fucked up litterally the funnest thing in destiny is the CO-OP strikes nad raids but this is fucked up the x1 players deserve to play the strikes to not a year from now eitherwhen the game is basically irrelevent. also even when ms bought timed exclusivity for cod add ons it was only a month early not that big of a deal where this is they get x1 players get scwered get less missions and have to wait a year.

thejigisup1478d ago

Lol, your perspective is wrong. They aren't taking anything away from Xbox one they are just giving MORE to ps4. See, now everything is OK. Y'all will get your content. We're just the focus group for testing before it rolls out all nice and smooth like

badz1491478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

when the Witcher 3's collector's Edition on Xbone gets extra stuff for the same price as the PS4 and PC version, it was

"nothing is taken out, just extra stuff for the Xbone"

but with this, it is

"Xbone are getting less contents although paying the same price"

seriously, how are they any different? shady marketing all over. but hey, Xbox fanboys have always been talking about parity and timed DLC and the recently timed exclusivity for TRoTR as

"it's not wrong for MS to add values for their fans", right?

so, this is just Sony "copying" that. why so bitter? it goes both ways!

lemoncake1478d ago

At least x1 owners have a very good alternative in the MCC, ps4 owners are stuck with this fail attempt at a game that's now going to attempt to milk them for every penny.

Rhomiel1478d ago

They get the same amount of content, it is just delayed for a year.

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Rickman1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

This is the same as the CoD deal for MS, just better. They'll get the Destiny content, it's just gonna be a while(a year). Playstation hasn't gotten a Bungie game in 10 years so people crying can fuck right off

Rhomiel1478d ago

They actually get the same amount of content but a year later. So they should pay the same price for it...

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Fizzler1479d ago

Bungie sure loves twisting the knife they plunged into Microsoft's back.

shinrock1478d ago

And xbox gamer as well! They took what happened between them and M$ out on us! Bungie has alway been a community dev ,but after the e3 announcement they went damn near dark on the xbox fans(the fans that put them where they are now).

KwietStorm1478d ago

Why do people keep crying about going dark on Xbox players? They didn't go dark on anything. Every time they spoke about Destiny, it was about the same game you're playing on Xbox. If you were looking for extra attention "just because," then that's not their problem. There was really only a couple times they even said anything about the PlayStation content. It was mostly Sony. It's not a big deal.

OmegaShen1479d ago

They don't get one extra strike mission, not really a big deal. Plus you could see this coming a miles away.

Fireseed1479d ago

"one extra strike mission, not really a big deal."

You are talking about the same content starved Destiny that we are all talking about... right?!?

illAmpRefugee1479d ago

especially when the strikes and raids are one of the funnest and biggest components to the half game that is destiny. but hey guess thats what this console war has come down to these days the gaming industry seems to be headed to a verry stengy greedy place in the future the ways these devs are playing the systems

OmegaShen1478d ago

Yeah Amp, because its now MS doesn't pull the same uh?

Fire, your just a troll on anything Destiny. People going to miss out one strike mission and get everything else.

A strike mission is no big deal, your getting a raid that ups your level to 32.

Fireseed1478d ago


Troll would indicate I don't care about the game and that couldn't be farther from the truth. The game is a pretty abysmal state right now, I'd like to see it get better so I can jump in again.

And yes one strike mission is a big deal since strikes are the lifeblood of the game right now and one of the few redeeming qualities of it. So yes it is a big deal for a game already deprived of content.

OmegaShen1478d ago

You troll, all you do is cry about things on Destiny and no. One strike isn't a big deal.

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WildArmed1478d ago

Either way this isn't going to save Destiny. The very fact that we'll be going through the same enviroment (Moon) again and again is just super lame. As it already was, the majority of the moon content was repeatitive as hell going down the same path whether it was a story mission or the strike.

Such bad decisions all around.

PS already has an extra strike than Xbox (The Cabal PS exclusive strike is one of my favs). This will make it the second one, kinda of silly esp since I don't care if I get more content than Xbox, all I care is getting abundant content which this game clearly lacks.

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