The Evil Within Is A Horror Game That Lacks Any Horror | Siliconera Review

The combat in The Evil Within is really well done, and honestly a lot of fun. Sometimes too fun.

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belac091502d ago

Dead Space 1 was THE scariest game ever. I love The Evil Within though, its fun as hell, but not scary.

IWentBrokeForGaming1502d ago

Personally for me the Fatal Frame franchise is the scariest of all time... You leave the room a ghost encounter happened in... It'll just float through the wall still Persuing you! Fatal Frame is the series to beat for me & closest thing I e played in comparison is the PT demo! Literally the only thing in Dead Space that got me was the tentacle... But after that nothing worked... And it was cheap that they played out the tentacle 2 more times... Ran out of ideas!

belac091501d ago

The PT demo was freaky as hell you are correct.

ChronoJoe1502d ago

Dead Space is good but gets more action orientated the more you play. After the initial few scares it's very much gunplay focused. Nothing wrong with that though, just didn't find it particularly scary.

Alien Isolation is probably the scariest game I've played.

belac091501d ago

im playing Alien right now, it is pretty freaking scary. i love to be scared though.

--bienio--1502d ago

Evil Within is great game Im enjoy:)

IWentBrokeForGaming1502d ago

Evil Within truly is one of the most punishing games I've played in recent years! Talk about playing by trial & error! I think people look at the game for typical in your face horror... But the game creates most of its tension in truly being limited to ammo! Most games tout they will do that and just Dont feel the same as this! To me the horror is the tension of being overwhelmed with literally pocket lint as defense!