DRIVECLUB Delay: Sony Should Giveaway Free Season Pass As Compensation

"Sony's President Shuhei Yoshida has apologized for the ongoing problems still affecting DRIVECLUB and we think saying sorry just isn't good enough." - OffbeatCulture

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

So people who didn't get to use something for free right away because the FREE thing was delayed should get something else for free?

Why on earth would Sony even think about compensating someone for something they never were entitled to have?
You actually think someone is going to give you something for free because something that was supposed to be FREE was delayed?

"PS Plus version delayed"
"PS Plus Version is free with conditions"

the_dark_one1503d ago

muhahahah yes. i mean, i think that they should give the whole game for free including season pass muahahah. Now seriously, i think that there are to many spoiled gamers out there and many of them write articles like this one, i will not even click it cause just by the title i know you full of bull crap. next time probably when you get to demo a game or do a beta test and the final game is going to be very different from it and they will want to get compensation because of it.

SonyWarrior1502d ago

what about people like me that bought the retail game and still nearly a month later keep getting disconnected from online some times servers aren't even available takes like 10 minutes to finally get into a online race usually

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1502d ago

SonyWarrior, the announcement from Yoshida was for the PS Plus version only. Sony will probably offer something to people who PAID for the game either digitally or physically, but people who are WAITING for the FREE version deserve NOTHING.

MRMagoo1231502d ago

Come on guys some people paid $50US for a whole year they all deserve a free $60US game a month dont you think /sarcasm

uth111502d ago

refund them the cost of PS+ for the time the free DC wasn't available for download. PS+ costs about $0.96/week, so that comes to about $2.88 :)

George Sears1502d ago

Did you even read the article? Since when is this game only free? Since when has this game been free? There is no free version because the purchased one is still a turd.

The Season Pass request are for those who purchased the broken mess that is this game.

Ciporta19801502d ago

I bought the game yesterday and am more than happy with my purchas. Amazing game.

TKCMuzzer1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Sorry, the game is not a 'turd'. Myself and club members were on for five hours last night, played many multiplayer races together, won many face off and in general had a great laugh.

Your generalisation is not really a good one and maybe it's just because you don't like the game but I would prefer it you just said that as it gives the wrong impression of the game.

The game still has a few technical issues but is great fun to play.

As for free stuff people? Don't be so ridiculous. The DLC season pass should be half price, it's as simple as that.

LackTrue4K1502d ago

"Why on earth would Sony even think about compensating someone for something they never were entitled to have?

if that's the case, why any free games for us psn Plus users too....lets just let them take it away from us we dont care.

"speck for your self"

TKCMuzzer1502d ago

Games on Plus are subject to change at any point due to Sony's discretion. Games are added as 'part' of your subscription and Sony can remove them. The PS+ version will be free when it's released so those people don't lose out, so to offer them something free on top of that makes no sense.
They should just make the season pass half price for everyone.

Darkwatchman1502d ago

It's not just about that. You don't delay a game 8-9 months, have server issues for weeks on end, then delay that playstation plus edition. Especially when the game was originally intended to be just a free playstation plus game. It was switch at some point in development to a regular payable title. The launch of the game is a massive mess. EVERYONE who was looking forward to it deserves some form of compensation. It has been a horrible launch.

TKCMuzzer1502d ago

I've watched the E3 conference when Sony announced Drivleclub as part of PS+, it quite clearly states at 1 hr 29 mins that what will be included would be the PS+ edition. It says it right there, were do people like yourselves get your information from, it's not acceptable to spread lies.
It says PS+ edition on the screen, they always intended to release a retail version. It may not say what was in the plus edition but it quite blatantly says PS+ edition. I can type it one more time if you wish....PS+ edition

u got owned1502d ago

They should give the whole game free after all the trouble. I feel for the people who bought the game. No costumer deserve a broken product.

TKCMuzzer1502d ago

What? so to rub it in even more let everyone else have it for free? If you haven't purchased it then there should be no compensation for you, it's that simple.
It's like a car being recalled and then people saying "thats stupid, when they fix the fault everyone should get a free one".

TKCMuzzer1502d ago

Nope, four of us last night for five hrs, great fun.

Ciporta19801502d ago

Maybe they should do what I did. I got sick of waiting so decided to just buy the game yesterday lol. It's awesome have no idea how it got any reviews below 8/10.

Spenok1502d ago

The gifs were unnecessary. However your point was exactly right. People have become far too entitled in the gaming community.

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LOGICWINS1502d ago

An all expenses paid date with Meredeth Molinari!

lemoncake1502d ago

They will have to do something with the ps plus edition unless they want to take a bit of an image hit, it's free but they made so much out of it. For paid version users they should release some free content as compensation, it's a no brainer.

Spenok1502d ago

Something for the PAID users yes. For the free users? They can wait, and wait happy. They were never entitled to it in the first place. It's a free game, or a free version of a game anyways.

jhoward5851502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I brought the PSN plus plan to reap all the benefit it offers to me. I don't want half the benefits, I want all.

The PS plus version of DC isn't free. I paid for it so I should get it on time.

The long wait is a big inconvenience for me so I want to be compensated for it. free season pass, free DLC, etc would be greatly appreciated.

MRMagoo1231502d ago

Compensation for a free game nice one lol

fei-hung1502d ago

No, the Ps+ subscription entities you to 2 games. For October it was Dust, Spelunky and as an added bonus, a cross gen game called Pix the cat.

Driveclub was a bonus offering if the game worked. It wasn't as part of their 2 games a month deal, it was simply an addition to reward ps+ users. That reward hasn't been taken away, it's been delayed until it gets fixed. You still got your games for the month and you are still getting Driveclub.

AtomicGerbil1502d ago

You are missing the point that Driveclub was a selling point for Ps+ at the launch of Ps4. Consumers PAID for Ps+ on the back of that. Twelve months later and Sony have still not delivered, so yes, more than an apology is required.

jhoward5851502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


The title/version of DC that was shown to us (plus members) in Sony's advertisement says it's called the ((plus))edition of DC for a reason.

So, I take this offer as a part of the PSN plus plan.

fei-hung1501d ago

You are all missing the point. You are speaking as if that version has been cancelled forever and you will never ever get it in your entire life. All they have said it the game is broke and when it is fixer they will give it to you.

Are people saying they didn't buy ps+ for anything else but Dc? Not for online mp, not for resogun, or the monthly free games, but just for a preview version of a game they knew very little about.

Yes, Sony has even used Alphas and Betas they secured to advertise ps+, but I've never heard anyone buying ps+ just for an alpha or beta.

I get it people were looking forward to it and are pissed as it's been delayed yet again with no release date in sight, but acting entitled aint going to get you anywhere. The only thing it will do is stop Sony from giving anything extra in the future as it may backfire in their face again and everyone will then have to suffer that consequence.

jhoward5851501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )


haven't ever heard the term that the customer are always right. Truth is, its the customers that make a company successful, not the other way around.

If a good amount of people are upset about the same things than a company will do what it takes to keep them happy no matter if they're wrong or right.

Ok, I get it we didn't pay a cent for DC+. False, actually we did pay for DC+ through Sony's benefits offerings for joining their PSN plus plan.

The pool of money they gathered from all PSN plus member is what make that possible, with out that it wouldn't be in a company's interest to supply it to us.

Keep in mind, advertisement to sale a product comes in many forms. It could offered to us directly or indirectly. Company do it all the time because it works. Besides, do you really believe DC+ is free?
If you say yes than you have a lot to learn about advertisement.

fei-hung1501d ago


In that case nothing really is free as it's advertisement and everyone ows us something or another.

Also it just shows that in future Sony must not offer anything additional on psn or ps+ as they put themselves at risk if something were to go wrong. They would be better off only providing exactly and only the mp and 2 games a month and nothing more.

The free DC offering has proven it's not good practice to offer more than necessary . Had Sony released it at full price with no ps+ addition there would have been zero complaints.

Also, the customer isn't always right. Gone are the days of honesty and fairness. Everyone is out to make a quick buck and customers can be right entitled douchebags trying to swindle free meals, free clothes, free anything and everything they can get hold off. Just last week I had to listen to a customer abuse a sales assistant on a shopfloor because the assistant was serving another customer and this old woman in front of me thought she was entitled to have priority as she was buying more goods. She demanded to speak to a manager and wanted compensation because she said the sales assistant was rude and ignored her when she hadn't. The reality is humans generally tend to douche out and it doesn't matter whether they are a customer or not.

jhoward5851501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Good debate.
All I have to say is how do you define what's giving too much benefits, or not? Or giving one too much free stuff? Well, you can't if you're not the one handling the companie's finance.

So, we don't really know for sure weather Sony gave us too much benefit or not unless we look at their entire gross earnings/profits as a whole.

Truth is, I don't think Sony can give anything to us for free being that they're dealing with financial struggle on a year to year basis.

BTW, I really enjoyed our convo, I like a challenge. again, good debate.

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