Smaller, cheaper, cooler Xbox One processor in development

Chip designer AMD has developed a smaller, more cost-effective 20nm version of the main processor found in Xbox One, opening the door to a cheaper 'slim' version of the Microsoft console. The news comes from the LinkedIn bio of AMD's senior manager of SOC (system on chip) physical design, as discovered by Mosen from the Beyond3D forums. The entry in question says he "successfully planned and executed the first APU for Microsoft's Xbox One Game Console in 28nm technology and a cost-reduced derivative in 20nm technology."

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donman11509d ago ShowReplies(4)
NotAFanboyJustReal1509d ago

I hate the fact that I want an Xbox One now due to Halo,Sunset,etc. But know I'll end up regretting it once the slim version comes out. Why can't these companies come out with "slim" versions from the start?

Fkhalf161509d ago

PS4 is already the size of a PS3 slim. I have both consoles. Not sure about the Xbox One though as I haven't seen one in real life to compare with the 360.

Wikkid6661509d ago

Xbox One is about the size of the original Xbox 360.

born_naughty1509d ago

No Xbox One is definitely bigger tehn original Xbox 360. It's even a bit bigger then original PS3.

bouzebbal1509d ago

smaller processor doesn't mean smaller SKU.
we have seen dofferent CELL processors in the same slim PS3. only mother board gets a little smaller.

Brazz1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

X1 is huge! way larger than X360.

bmf73641509d ago

The Xbox one is bigger than the Fat PS3. So there's it's size comparison.

TheXgamerLive1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

The Xbox One is not huge and barely bigger than the ps4. The ps4 is taller but the XBox One is longer but deft not Huge. Sony fanboys will twist anything.
1 to 2 inch difference shouldn't swade anyone to wait for a slim.
If you want an Xbox One then buy it during the great holiday sale and enjoy it now.

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Mikelarry1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

it could be technological limitations at the time of developement. they would only use tech they are confident will work well with the components they are trying to assemble. over the years better / cheaper tech comes out which allows them to make changes to make smaller or like you called it "slim" devices.

also marketing ploy: as with every product once sales start to slow down they release a "brand new slim now in * insert colour of choice" version to drum more sales.

rainslacker1509d ago

It's very possible to use the same chip casing with a smaller die cast. Depends on if they redesign the motherboard or not. I imagine after a year or so, they know some of the issues that may need to be addressed, and things that can get the overall costs down, so I wouldn't doubt a MB redesign is in the works. I don't think a slim version will be coming out next year or anything though. I'd say 2016 E3 at the earliest to revamp hype for the system.

donthate1509d ago

That is the slimmest version that makes sense within the parameters the manufacturer set for design. They don't design it bigger for no reason.

A slim version doesn't mean much though since it usually is the exact same thing with a few extra or less ports, but in the meanwhile you get to enjoy the console.

I think that enjoying a console longer is priceless compared to getting a slim in my opinion especially how well designed the Xbox One is on almost every level.

DeadManMMX1509d ago

The Xbox one is built for ventilation and to stay cool. I have no problem with the current design if it keeps the system cool and functional.

n4rc1509d ago

Same.. Don't even want a slim..

I enjoy the function of its design.. I literally have zero reason to back pedal on that.. So its smaller? So? Lol.. It shares a shelf with its external HDD, space is not limited.. And it will never leave my living room..

marlinfan101509d ago

Exactly. I leave my console on more hours than not and the thing never gets hot. I couldnt care less about getting one a little smaller.

DoubleM701509d ago

At first I was like everybody else. It looks like a VCR from the 80's. Now that I have had for almost a year now I love the design. It's well ventilated nice and quiet. I Packed in a book bag a few months back and noticed how small it really is. I think the design it something that really has to grow on you.

rainslacker1509d ago

I personally think they overcompensated because of the RROD on the 360. The design does do the job though so whatever.

It's highly likely that that much ventilation isn't even necessary, as the chip runs at about the same temp as the PS4's.

Slim is more for new adopters. Sometimes people upgrade for whatever reason, but new versions just renew hype in the product, and reduce manufacturing costs.

If I wanted an X1 right now, the look of the case wouldn't be my primary concern. Was fun to joke about early on, but that's gotten old, and while it's not the best looking console ever made, it's more than fine for what it is.

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NeoGamer2321509d ago

If the companies took the approach of starting with the smallest and slimmest models they could make it would take twice as long to come to market and develop. By taking this approach it is like designing a manufacturing plant. You go in with a design you know will work and is efficient enough to make a profit on. Then, you tweak and tune it to make it more efficient and more profitable.

Rarely do humans get everything perfect the first time. Chip design is no exception from an efficiency and layout standpoint. I actually marvel at chip design, because these chips have literally, 10's of millions and 100's of millions of transistors on them. The mere fact they work is amazing! That I know of there has only been one mass produced CPU for computers that has a flaw and that was in the Intel Pentium days.

TheXgamerLive1509d ago

If you remember MS said the Xbox One has 6 billion transistors.

NeoGamer2321509d ago

Yes... That further reinforces my comment!


ManiacMansion1509d ago


(width, depth, height)

Xbox One: 13.1″ x 10.8″ x 3.1″

Xbox 360: 12.15″ x 10.15″ x 3.27″

SO Overall, its as big as the original xbox 360

Playstation 3 original:

12.75" x 10.79" x 3.86"

SO the PS3 is the biggest of them

Idiotic Troll

jmc88881509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Um you do realize that most people think of depth*width when they think of size. Right?

This is the shelf space people talk about. Height isn't really a concern for most people. Even for those that put them in cabinets they generally have a few extra inches.

Depth is generally a bit more precious then height. But not really. The main concern size wise is generally WIDTH. How wide stuff determines how much you can fit in your cabinet or table.

So your math equation is set up to obfuscate the truth. I hope unintentionally. Not every inch in every place is the same when it comes to fitting something into or onto furniture. Width is the biggest problem for finding space.

So it terms of shelf space.

Xbox One 13.1x10.8= 141.48
Xbox 360 12.15*10.15= 123.32
PS3 12.75*10.79= 137.52
PS4 10.83 x 12.01 =130.06
Wii U 6.8x 10.6 =72.08

As you can see both Nintendo and Sony made smaller 'width' systems, and also generally made them smaller in height, but kept the depth longer. This is much better for limited shelf space, and makes the console LOOK much smaller.

The PS4 takes up about 10 percent less overall space, but in the critical, width space, the Xbox One takes up ~21 percent more then the PS4.

Microsoft made the Xbox One 'fat', with the longest side being the 'width'. This is horrible for people with limited space, and is absolutely the worst design for saving space as it's a space waster. That's why the Xbox One looks like a VCR. Because it's really wide.

So as you can see the Xbox One, for real shelf space concerns (which also impact how people perceive it's size), is 2.27 inches wider then the PS4. It is also 6.3 inches wider then the Wii U. Hell you can almost fit two wii u's side by side in the space a single Xbox One takes up.

Also don't forget the fallacy of comparing tech from almost a decade apart. One had to build its chips using 90nm and a decade ago processes, the other has 28nm. Plus the PS3 fat, had a ton more input options. With SD card readers and with access to the HD to remove and replace.

Even though the PS3 had these disadvantages, it still managed to use up less shelf space then the Xbox One.

MeliMel1509d ago


You just made my day with that first part of your comment. " people think depth and width when they think of size, Right?"

I mean they gave you the measurements, with width, depth and height. Lol...

Anywho, i dont think im getting new slim. I like my big ole Xbox. And the machine stays pretty cool with the huge fan it has.

rainslacker1509d ago

PS3 original design was curved on top though, so volume wise, it was actually smaller. Geometry is fun.:)

PS3 original big ass case while "bigger" still looks a lot better than the X1 does. Original PS3 is still one of the best looking consoles ever made...very sleek even by today's standards. Just hate that scratchy plastic.

Aesthetics mean more to me than size, although with a game console, it's rather moot other than for a thing to talk about on forums. It could be shaped like a broken 1970's vacuum cleaner and I'd still play games on it.:)

VforVideogames1509d ago

the only thing I regret is not getting the XBOXONE Sunset Edition, that thing look awesome but then there will be more special editions like HALO, TOM RAIDER, QUANTUM BREAK etc etc but when it comes to slim or fat I don't really care .

Reddzfoxx1509d ago

You would have needed to wait an extra 1.75 years for the next gen consoles to have 20nm APU's.

The slim would surely run cooler and on less electricity but not necessarily mean there is more headroom for them to boost the wattage to give it a performance boost simply for the fact they don't want to offer any advantages to newer models versus older models.

But back to your point if they waited for 20nm chips for the first models then they would have the headroom to boost the wattage and get a bit more performance from APU.

Gamer19821508d ago

Since PS4 CPU uses the same part they are shrinking no doubt this will mean a smaller PS4 too if Sony require it. This might not even mean a smaller console at all! It would mean a cheaper one for MS in the respect of a cheaper CPU by about $10 (MAX) and a smaller cooler meaning even more savings. The inside of the original 360 PHAT changed about 7-8 times before the 360 slim don't you know?? I seriously hope MS don't go for the xbox slim as it's too early and will be seen as a desperate cash grab by many fans especially those who have already bought an xbox one. Leave it until at LEAST 2016. They can easily save money still to lower the console another $10 with this now and slim down later for a sales boost.

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josephayal1509d ago

it's hard to imagine a slim edition

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