Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 Version Screenshots Leaked, Confirm Sub-1080p Resolution

GearNuke: "Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 version is out in the wild and judging from these screenshots taken directly from the PS4, the game does indeed run at a sub-1080p resolution."

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johny51504d ago

They just wanted "Unity" for both versions ;)

decrypt1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Keep telling yourself that, 2 generations of promises of 1080p gaming and still unable to deliver lol.

Console gamers paid 600usd for PS3 with a promise of 1080p gaming. It failed badly with hardly any AAA games in 1080p.

8 years later, up comes the PS4 another 400usd spent. Same promises, yet still no guaranteed 1080p. Next gen games are about starting to role out now. Once games true next gen games are out, ones which dont release on last gen consoles. You will see both the PS4 and xb1 fall back to 720p gaming.

Its funny i made a PC back in 2008. With a I5 CPU, it played games in 1080p back then. Today 6 years later all it needed was a CPU overclock to 4ghz and a GPU upgrade (both cheaper than getting a console) and it again manages to play games in 1080p better than consoles while maintaining BC for just about every game bought in the last 25 years lol.

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bouzebbal1504d ago

Ubisoft are completely missing it this gen so far. Unity for both consoles wouldn't lead them anywhere.
next stop: The Division.

windblowsagain1504d ago

I still have an I5, anything else is overkill tbh, even now. Once you reach GPU'S overall throughput. You become limited anyway.

As for PS3, Was never touted that way. Blu-ray was @ 1080p. Most games were 720p.

People tend to forget, PS3 was pushing graphics that were newer then the console could handle at times.

Limiting factor with these consoles is CPU. But Sony has an ace up their sleeve. They have much more Compute power then people realize. But i'm guessing Ubishit hasn't used it yet.

There is no reason for this to be parity on x1 and PS4. PS4 has twice the throughput. FACT

FriedGoat1504d ago

Shame there hasn't been anything worthwhile on PC for a long time.

Dynasty20211503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


Yeah you keep telling yourself the new consoles will get better, whatever.

A year in to a 5-or-so year lifecycle, and we're still sub 1080p and laughably, ***KING PATHETICALLY, still, STILL, at 30 FPS.

All because of idiots like you that believe 30 FPS is fine and great because you don't want to face the truth - the new consoles suck.

You're not shouting at the devs. Worse, you're agreeing with crap like The Order. LESS than 30 FPS is fine? You agree it's cinematic and adds to the game?

That's just insultingly moronic.

2pacalypsenow1503d ago

Oh shut up with your im a pc gamer its the best , no one cares not even devs thats why they only talk about console versions get over it they dont care about pc gamers very few devs do anymore

make721503d ago

You are just typical low end pc owner.For examble test metro redux with pc and ps4.2x760 sli i5 cant hold stable 60fps Ps4 can or try Tombraider with 500 euros pc like i5 750ti you get under 30 fps .Pc:s main problem against ps4 is lag of vram.We tested many games with 3 different pc:s got to say overall winner was Ps4.

GameNameFame1503d ago

Decrypt, how the fuck did you even get 25 agrees?

Dev even said it was kept at same res on purpose to avoid "debates and stuff"/

99.9 of PS4 games are 1080P.

RedstonerMC1503d ago

while i agree that unity is pulling some bullshit most ps4 games are in 1080p as far as i've seen.

larrysdirtydrawss1503d ago

large majority of ps4 games are 1080p.the only reason this one isnt is because the devs already admitted to parity

RG_Dubz1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Half my PS3 collection is native 1080p (Call of Juarez: Bound in blood, The Saboteur, etc..) you might wanna do some research before you start talking out your ass.

BTW, Assassins Creed Black Flag was patched to 1080p Day 1 on PS4, it's likely Assassins Creed Unity will be the same.

If your main focus is 1080p you're doing it wrong anyways..


Of course 1080p/60fps should be the main target on current-gen consoles.

Mithan1503d ago

They don't have the GPU power yet. Forget about 4k next generation, unless your playing Zuma.

ginsunuva1503d ago

There were never any promises. You made them up for yourself.

MarkusMcNugen1503d ago

"Limiting factor with these consoles is CPU. But Sony has an ace up their sleeve. They have much more Compute power then people realize. But i'm guessing Ubishit hasn't used it yet.

There is no reason for this to be parity on x1 and PS4. PS4 has twice the throughput. FACT "

Ahahahahahahahahaha... seriously man, stop. You are going to make me piss myself from laughter. You must be the Sony version of Mister X.

DeadlyFire1503d ago

This is just what happens when you port from XB1 to PS4.

Ubisoft can claim Parity as a reason all they want, but in reality its just them not trying to change it from its ported state. Lazyness. Ubisoft isn't exactly known for great performance optimization on the PC. They like shortcuts.

b00mFargl31503d ago

Sure doesn't seem like many agree with you. Maybe it's the fact that with this current gen there have been a substantial amount of 1080p games. As a pc gamer I find that consoles have lots to offer that make them stand their ground to pc's. Maybe that's why they are still trending better in the industry in gaming than pc's. Not to mention mobile platforms are killing it over pc's. Pcs will always be dominant over consoles in graphics but that doesn't mean that's why people buy consoles. Tell me how much you enjoy super smash Bros or the other titles you won't ever be able to play. Take advantage of all the platforms. That is if you are a real gamer. Which is a person who just enjoys games. Not just the amount of lines vertical and horizonal your hardware can do.

Gamer19821503d ago

PC gamers have had 1080p 60fps gaming now for over 10 years and console gamers are still a step behind its a joke really and this generation they have been given the tools to do it. The reason why there not is the quality they are trying to put out is too much for the consoles its as simple as that. Stick to the consoles level rather than overshooting. That's why you can get last gens games for xbox and ps4 looking amazing on new consoles. They actually look better than most if not all 3rd party games and run at 1080p 60fps.

Tempest3171503d ago

You do realize i5 didnt come out til near the end of 2009?

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sigfredod1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Wow the vaseline is strong on this one,

No buy sorry Ubishit
Edit: btw i saw the pics on lukas link way better than the ones on the crappy site of the article to judge.

ThatOneGuyThere1503d ago

this game looks absolutely terrible.

Syntax-Error1503d ago

Stop being a dram queen and overly dramatic. It doesn't look like what they showed us, but it isn't terrible. I am so disappointed with Ubisoft right now because of this bullsh*t bait and switch crap, but I wont say it's terrible. I think I might have to pull my pre-order and pick this up used instead. GTA 5 comes out the same day, so AC:U gets a big F-U. Make them pay with your wallets. Don't support this BS

Christopher1503d ago

@Syntax-Error: Actually, it does look horrible. It looks worse than their last title on the same console. It looks, graphically, on par with what we had on the PS3.

That, though, is my opinion. Yours may vary. But, I agree with ThatOneGuyThere.

TheOpenWorlder1503d ago

Watch Dogs anyone ? trllolololo. Anyone trusting Ubisoft after that incident to be truthful in their graphics displays and their screen-bullshots is seriously a dumbass

LamerTamer1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


This is much worse than Watchdogs. At least WD ran at 900p on PS4 vs 792p on xbone, had better lighting, shadows and AO than xbone not to mention it didn't screen tear all over like the xbone, AKA it took advantage of the extra PS4 GPU power.

This game looks terrible, Black Flag looked better AND was 1080p. After seeing this it is more obvious that xbone parity was the goal. N o buy for me.

BallsEye1503d ago

Did you even see the minimum requirements for the game on PC? People like you who think ps4 is some super computer from future are making me laugh.
As for the screens look like they're not even 900p

ShadowWolf7121503d ago

Because it's not like a lot of Ubisoft games have inflated requirements to make their games seem more demanding and optimized while they're lazy ports...

Christopher1503d ago

Yeah. The requirements aren't because it's a beast of a game that pushes things beyond all other games (Hint: Skyrim mods run with lower specs and look so much better than this game). The problem is Ubisoft rushes things out every year and they don't optimize. It's also more beneficial for them to encourage people to buy games on consoles rather than on PC, so it's a win-win for them.

Jason_Plays_PC1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

lol that avatar +bub just for that. @johnny5

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Hoffmann1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Of Course!

Intranquill1504d ago

The site this article was posted on sucks. Pops up constantly asking me to "like" your site just makes me hate it and avoid it in the future. Get a clue.

Intranquill1504d ago

Chrome on mobile user. It has Adblock. Still has a page that covers half the site, and half the time was unable to even exit out of the ad.

Mikelarry1504d ago

Ahh i see, yeah i never view the site in question on my mobile becuase of that

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Viewing on a phone/tablet causes that shit website to nuke your screen with ignorance. Haven't clicked on their crap in months because of it.

MajorGecko1503d ago

use the n4g app on andriod its unoffical but you can view and comment smoothly with no ads

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DarkLordMalik1504d ago

I will pass this comment to the site admin.

Harold_Finch1504d ago

It's the picture itself, it's probably compressed down on purpose to try and exacerbate the situation.