Ubisoft wants Far Cry 4 and Pagan Min to challenge your judgments and assumptions

Ubisoft doesn’t just want to give players access to a giant open-world playground in Far Cry 4. While gameplay is the focus of this year’s latest entry in the FPS adventure series, the developer also hopes to make gamers think and question their motives. Far Cry 4 executive producer Dan Hay took the time to share many of his thoughts on the upcoming title with us and explain why he believes the game is about inner reflection in addition to action.

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Stupid1425d ago

Can't wait for Far Cry 4

markyboy21811425d ago

does any1 have ubisofts e-mail address? i need to contact them

desertpunk861425d ago

Americans don't do well with that.

King_of_Nothing1425d ago

Apparently you, wherever you're from, don't do well with irony.

TRD4L1fe1425d ago

this burger wih a 1/2 lb of bacon on top says my judgement is just fine.


So They announced it went gold, so can we please have the Resolutions for X1 and PS4 now? Can't wait till the 18th!

ShowGun9011425d ago

...isn't that basically what they said they would accomplish with the last farcrys story, and it was pretty lame... everything except 1 character! LOL